Review: Wilderness Trail of Love by Dorothy Wiley

Wilderness Trail of Love by Dorothy Wiley
Series: American Wilderness (# 1)
Release Date: August 11, 2014
Publisher:  self-published
Pages: 371
Source: book provided by the author for review



Will his dream cost him what he values most–her love?

Award-winning historical romance author Dorothy Wiley’s WILDERNESS TRAIL OF LOVE is the first American Wilderness Series Romance. This memorable historical romance novel breaches the walls of time, bringing readers to a young America, where romance and danger are as powerful as the wilderness.

Set in 1797, on America’s romantic frontier, this gripping journey of danger, heartache, and passion is the story of Stephen Wyllie, and his heroic and breathtaking quest for land–across a thousand perilous miles to the Kentucky wilderness–a new world for the brave.

Stephen wants only one thing more than land–to keep his wife Jane and their young daughters safe. But he needs land to make a better future for his family, and the frontier lies open to settlement in the new state of Kentucky. He must make a difficult decision–choose between the comfort and safety of their New Hampshire home and his dream for their future. Can he risk exposing them to the dangers of the wilderness? Then an immediate threat makes the decision clear. A vicious half-Indian killer, Bomazeen, begins to haunt the area, stealing slaves for the Algonquians to replace those lost to smallpox. Having glimpsed her great beauty from afar, the cunning slave trader tantalizes the tribe’s virulent Chief, Wanalancet, describing his next target–Jane. Believing the merciless slave trader may soon succeed in kidnapping or murdering Jane, Stephen decides his family must leave for Kentucky with his four brothers.

When the harsh demands of the frontier nearly tear apart their great love, Stephen and Jane must find a path through more than the wilderness. His courage is undaunted, her passion is deep, but the wilderness is full of terror.Two lives. One great love. Torn apart by a frightening wilderness. Will Stephen’s dream cost him what he values most–Jane’s love?A fresh, unblinkingly gritty, and deft new writer of intelligent heart-pounding romance novels, Dorothy Wiley’s new American Wilderness Romance Series captivates readers by balancing the hardships of the frontier with amusing, romantic, and vivid characters. Join her as she robustly blends adventure and action, heartache and humor, with romance and passion.


Review: Wow, what a great read and set in the historical time period that I most favor – the formation of America in Colonial times and during the Westward expansion.  The story takes place in the late 1700’s and takes us from New Hampshire to Kentucky by wagon and on horseback with lots of hard travels, tears, hurt, injuries, sorrows, deaths, perseverance, life, Indians, slaves, wild animals, bad weather, fear, loss, fighting, hardships, family and friends along the way.  My emotions were totally engaged.  I could see and feel the hardships along the Wilderness Trail as well as the heat, the cold, the horrific weather along with the beauty of the rivers, mountains, woods and grasses.  I could taste the fear – it was palpable!  I could smell nature, the cooking fires and the food as well as the filth from not being able to bathe and having clean, dry clothes to change into. But there were many dangers that were encountered and fought from people, animals and nature.

The Indians played a key role in the story and you never knew who or what would pop up around the next corner or the next page!  Bomazeen was evil through and through and caused my heart to clench and tears to form with his vicious actions.  The Wyllie brothers were forces to be reckoned with and worked well together and were always there for each other and the other members of their family but also those they met along the trail.  This was Jane and Stephen’s story but we got to know all the brothers –  Sam, William, John and their adopted brother, Bear.  We even meet Edward who chooses not to take his family to Kentucky and stays behind but is still in the brothers thoughts as they follow their dream. Jane and Stephen had a love for each other that many would envy.  They had chemistry and love to spare but had rough patches, anger, hurt and rage like any couple would.  The characters were multifaceted – even the children, who were brave beyond belief.  We got to know them little by little but the author always showed us what they were made of and I know they will be able to ultimately survive in the new frontier!  The others we meet up with – Catherine and Kelly – at different times throughout the story add another dimension.  There was nice closure and the epilogue brought us to a great conclusion knowing that we’ll meet up with them all again in books two and three in the series, New Frontier of Love, the story of Sam and Catherine and Whispering Hills of Love, the story of William and Kelly.  I for one can’t wait!

What a great debut novel for an author.  I look forward to reading the next two books in the series but also other books this author pens.

Favorite Quote: He set his jaw and moved closer to her.  “Our forefathers made sacrifices and endured misfortunes to come to the New World.  They didn’t seek ease and comforts in coming here.  The expected hardships and discouragements.  I don’t think they did it just for themselves.  They did it for us.  They faced exactly the same choice we face, stay or go.  They let God’s will guide them.”





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  1. Catherine Barankin says:

    Wilderness Trail of Love is an outstanding read, and I have another favorite author in Dorothy Wiley. I felt like I was with the family on their trip to Kentucky, and found myself unable to put the book down, with one challenge after another. The characters were beautifully developed and totally believable.

    I am now reading book two, and it is just as exciting and well written. I would recommend these books to everyone. Even my husband, who does not usually read romance novels, loved these books. Keep them coming Ms. Wiley!

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