Review: The Red Serpent Club by Claudia Meyler

The Red Serpent Club by Claudia Meyler
Series: Red Serpent Club (# 1)
Release Date: July 31, 2014
Publisher: self-published
Pages: 189
Source: Book provided by the author for review



When Lucie-May Adler starts work for the beautiful but mysterious owner of one of the largest companies in New York, she has no idea where the job will take her. Christopher Renton is beyond a control freak, and not what a naive girl who is just getting over her first break-up needs. But Lucie-May is drawn to him, despite others warning her off. Will she cope with Renton’s all-consuming need for her, or will she be drawn into something darker than she imagined?

It doesn’t take long to predict that Lucie-May Adler is about to get over her head when the relatively innocent Southern gal gets an up-close introduction to an exclusive sex club.

In the debut novel of the Red Serpent Club series, author Claudia Meyler introduces businessman Christopher Renton. Seemingly intrigued with Lucie-May, he gives her a crash course in Domination/submission. Whether it’s in the office or at the club, Lucie-May finds herself at his every beck and call.

She enters a world that is fascinating on one hand, but completely overwhelming on another. As she soon discovers, the Red Serpent Club caters to the darkest of desires. Although the interaction at the club made sense and flowed well in the story, I couldn’t quite imagine any of the scenarios taking place during office hours — especially with the boss. I would imagine that Christopher Renton would be experienced enough to have a stack of condoms on hand, particularly if he is an expert at playing these office games.

For this type of storyline to succeed, there needs to be some kind of chemistry between the two main characters. I kept waiting for the inevitable blow-up to occur, but the author dropped the cliffhanger before the characters built up to any sort of explosive action like a dark secret or a scorned lover.

What did draw my attention, though, was the depiction of the Red Serpent Club. The author did a fantastic job showcasing the various forms of entertainment offered at the club, especially through the eyes of someone unfamiliar with the kinkster lifestyle. My prediction is that the series will get better as more attention is focused on club activities rather than the office.