Review: The Bear’s Mate by Vanessa Devereaux

The Bear’s Mate by Vanessa Devereaux
Series:  Kalispell Shifters (# 1)
Release Date:  May 16, 2014
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Pages:  95
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Charlotte’s a doctor at a free clinic and Aiden needs her help in fixing his wounded younger brother, Christopher. When she takes Christopher’s blood, Aiden knows he has to get the vial back or there’s a chance she’ll find out they’re not human.

He’ll resort to just about anything and in the process might end up falling for his first non-shifter female.


Review:  The Bear’s Mate is the first book in the Kalispell Shifters series by Vanessa Devereaux.  I chose this book because I love to read shifter books.  I also like to try new authors and their take on shifters.

Aiden is a bear shifter who seems to take care of many in his small shifter community.  He position in the group is not really identified nor flushed out.  This seems to be glossed over and the focus on how the group arrived in their location which was a little unrealistic.

Charlotte is a doctor at a free clinic.  She comes across as overworked and underpaid.   While Charlotte does not comes across as the owner of the free clinic but she is the go too person.  At times Charlotte comes across as flighty and careless.  When she draws blood from Aiden’s brother, she notices the difference in blood but seems not to be focused on it.

The connection between Charlotte and Aiden is blistering.  They have a hard time staying away from each other.  However, Aiden does not tell Charlotte about his background and leaves her to find out herself.  The sex scenes were steamy.

This book is very well written with a unique plot. The main and secondary characters were alluring and intriguing.  I found the ending of the story was a bit predictable, it was the journey to the end that was enjoyable. My biggest issue is this world Ms. Devereaux created does not seems to as flushed out as some of the other shifter books I have read. I hope this is addressed in the books to come in this series.  Overall, this was a great book.  I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.


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