Review: One Knight in Brooklyn by Casea Major

One Knight in Brooklyn by Casea Major
Series: 1Night Stand (# 42)
Release Date: October 5, 2011
Publisher: Decadant Publishing
Pages: 37
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



After signing up for a one-night stand through an exclusive matching agency, hopeless romantic Marianne Caldwell is swept away to a medieval land where she hopes to spend the night with a worthy man of honor.

Unsure of how she got from the Castillo Hotel in Las Vegas to a castle in the English countryside, Mare finds Robert, whose stunning physique and winning smile immediately convince her he’s the Robin Hood she’s been seeking. But despite his efforts saving her from a corrupt sheriff, his Jersey Shore accent and coarse ways unravel her romantic visions.

With her fairytale fantasies coming unhinged, Mare must decide if Robert is just a crass car salesman from Brooklyn or the chivalrous knight she’s looking for.


Review: I can’t say that I remember reading any of the 1Night Stand books previously but I have become an overnight fan. I love the whole concept of the fantasy type one night stands. Created and matched by Matchmaker Madame Evangeline. She has a knack for finding just the right person to help you achieve that special night. A knack for helping true love…which in my mind makes me think she has a magical glass ball.

In One Knight in Brooklyn, Marianne Caldwell wants a one night stand to help her get past all those bad dates. A fantasy filled with castles, forests, the sheriff’s men and of course Robin Hood. As she arrives at her destination in Vegas she meets a stranger with an accent whom she begins calling ‘Jersey’. Robert a widowed father of one is one this adventure at the request of his in-laws who think it is high time he got back into the dating pool.

For a short novella Ms. Casea Major wrote a very warm and funny story with characters that were very well written even though the story was short. You couldn’t help but be charmed by them. I loved the friction between ‘Dallas’ and ‘Jersey’ as they called each other, it made them more likeable which made their relationship seem more realistic. Even the sexy romantic scenes were hot.

I simply enjoyed this very fast paced story that shows that when you don’t try so hard you never know where you just might find your knight even if he is from Brooklyn. I would recommend this story. Enjoy those sweet dreams right before bedtime.