Review: Of Fire and Roses by Danielle Belwater

Of Fire and Roses by Danielle Belwater
Series: Erlanis Chronicles (# 1)
Release Date: February 15, 2014
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Pages: 130
Source: Book provided by the publisher for review

Nathaniel West’s mother is dead, his father a lost cause. Anger has become a way of life, until he meets and falls in love with Cora Ewell. Only Cora has a secret, one that could kill them both. An age old dark magic resurfaces and it becomes a race against time for Cora and Nate to find the long buried secrets to saving everyone they love and each other. After a near fatal accident leaves Nate in limbo, he must find a way to get through to Cora before time runs out and she is forced into life eternal with the evil wizard, Elias Stafford.

Review: This story took of at an extreme pace. I’m not usually a fan of the typical “love at first sight” kind of books but the mystery surrounding Nate and Cora’s relationship was intense. I really liked that, although the characters were obviously crazy about each other, the focus point was the curse on Cora’s family.

I immediately connected with the main character of the story, Nate. He was funny and intelligent. His love interest, Cora, was also very interesting. Coming from a family with a history of cursed woman, she and Nate fight an evil spirit for the love they have found. The ending really was not what I expected and I think that is the main reason I like this book so much.

This book is a good mix between suspense, mystery, and a little romance. I cannot say enough how much this book surprised me. Although some parts were scattered and required a little concentration to understand, this was an all around good book. If paranormal mystery is your thing, I’d recommend this book.