Review: Monsters Under the Bed by Susan Laine

Monsters Under the Bed by Susan Laine
Series: Lifting the Veil (# 4)
Release Date: October 22, 2013
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 156
Source: Book was provided by the publisher for review



When PI Sam Garrett is hired by eccentric billionaire toy maker and child genius Mozart “Mo” Chance—after his apparent suicide in the hills of San Francisco—Sam takes the case out of sheer curiosity. In a world where the Veil lifted a decade ago and exposed mythical beings living among humans, Sam faces a huge challenge as the mystery surrounding the case deepens.

The inheritors of Mo’s fortune—the uncle, the butler, the nanny, and the bodyguard—all possess secrets, and some are willing to protect them at any cost. The trouble is that Sam’s partner and lover, Rex Ford, is suddenly under suspicion as well.

Clouded by doubt, Sam continues to search for answers as tapestries of crimes begin to unravel and powers beyond his imagination are unleashed. If Mo endured horrific nightmares about monsters under his bed, there’s no telling what dangers await a nosy PI. What dangers lurk in this darkness? Sam is about to find out.


Review: Monsters Under the Bed is book number 4 in the Lifting the Veil series. Even though it is part of a series, it can be read as a stand-alone. Reading the other books is not required.

Sam Garrett is an interesting character. He is a speed reader and has perfect recall. Sam is hired to investigate the suicide of Mozart “Mo” Chance. However, as Sam gets further into his investigation, it becomes obvious to him that this is not a suicide after all. The story is written from his point of view. We never see the thoughts or opinions of other characters.

The mythical beings in this book are very different than any I have ever read about before. Instead of sticking out as being a different species, they blend in with the humans. It really makes the story seem more realistic.

Although I love the story line, I cannot give this book a full 5 rating because I feel like there could have been a few more twists and turns. From the beginning of the book, it was very easy to pick which character would end up being the villain. The ending did stun me though, I did not expect it to end the way it did. I would recommend this book to someone who enjoys paranormal mysteries.

Favorite Quote: The magicks of the Unveiled world couldn’t have mattered less to me the moment the door of the fitting room slammed shut, and the lock clicked in place.