Review: Easy Peasy by Stephanie J. Grace

Easy Peasy by Stephanie J. Grace
Series:  Prepper Romance (# 7)
Release Date:  May 8, 2013
Publisher: Decadent Publishing Company
Pages: 331
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Myra’s childhood in a prepper bunker facilitated her self-sufficiency, but at twenty-four, she’s tired of being a lone mitten. With her business keeping her busy, she’s not sure when she’ll find Mr. Right, but hopes he likes long walks in the park and princess movies.

Oakes Willowbee, just starting his prepping, needs all the help he can get. Former military and in over his head, he’s trying to get his life in order to be ready for a worldwide catastrophe, but he’s having a hard time getting past sheep. With Myra’s help, Oakes gets a taste of prepper life, but his fascination with preparedness might kill their budding relationship.

Despite the attraction between them, finding a balance between living and surviving could be anything but easy peasy.


Review:  This book had an unique subject and this is why I thought I would check it out. I had no idea what being a Pepper was and was curious. As I started reading it, I found those who are involved in the Military or have an interest in this topic would love this book.The romance between Myra and Oakes begun with sheep, and it was a sweet introduction but I wish it had more conflict and tension than his fascination with preparedness.  I am new to to bunkers and Preppers in romance and I found I didn’t like it. It bored me and I had to skim through the book.

I did like the writing and loved how the author made tension between Myra and Oakes. The sexual chemistry was evident in the chapters. I also found the detail was excellent and I could feel myself being in the bunker or in the store with Myra. I really liked how quirky Myra’s parents and brother were and I found them to be more interesting than Myra and Oakes to be honest.  I would like to read a story of her parent’s romance and learn more about why they are who they are because they were flawed.

I think if Stephanie wrote less about Preppers or used another career, and created more conflict between Myra and Oakes, I would be willing to read it again. As well, if she made Myra less of a perfect, limited flawed person, I think having a child come from her parents,  I would suggest she should have a strong quirk that would make me laugh. The book has potential, and the writing style was great, but I would prefer another military topic in my story such as a strong Military guy with a past.


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