Review: A Lamb for the Bear’s Appetite by Jenika Snow

A Lamb for the Bear’s Appetite by Jenika Snow
Series: Sweet Water (# 4)
Release Date: January 28, 2014
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Pages: 113
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Liam Dakota, a polar bear shifter, has never needed anything but a female to warm his bed. But all of that changes when he sees his mate up on stage stripping in front of a room full of men.

Olive Brownstone, a lamb shifter that has always been there for her brother, Holden, has had to sink to lower depths to make sure he is safe. When she’s demanded to degrade herself by Trent, a sadistic leopard shifter, she has to submit or watch her brother die. But Olive and her brother have found a way to escape, and she now finds herself staying with Liam, the mate she has been pushing away since they first met.

But it is clear Trent isn’t going to let Olive go, and that means Liam will have to go head-to-head with the leopard until only one of them is left standing.


Review: I held off on reading this book until the last minute. I knew that I would love this book. I hate when I reach the end of these book from this author. It makes it even more exciting because in these shifter books they are always paired with a different animal then they are. In this book we have a polar bear and a lamb. That is just nothing I thought I would ever read about.

I enjoyed meeting Liam and Olive. Liam might be a polar bear, but when it comes to his family or his mate in Olive’s case he’s pretty protective. He can also be a huge and loving like a teddy bear, just don’t tell him I said that. Olive is a lamb (she’s really a sheep) and even though everyone see’s them as soft and meek. Not Olive she can let her temper get the best of her. I have to say though that they were well matched. They just had this connection that was electrifying. Even they felt it every time they touched. I could really just imagine these two. I really could picture them standing around the pond.

I just seem to have a connections with these books. Everyone that I read I just get into them more. I love how the characters are mated with just the right one and they have problems that people in real life have. They just might have to have bigger problems to make them seem that they have overcome a lot. It seemed in this story that the mating things was instant when in other’s one might feel that someone is their mate or find out that someone they have always been around is their mate. It just takes something special to bring it around. I want to read another of these books as soon as I get done with the one I’m reading. I don’t think my family would like that because I would never get anything done.