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IMG0353 (2)Jen: Today we are happy to welcome May Woodworth to Romancing the Book. May, will you share a short bio with us?
May: Nature girl and avid traveler, May weaves her love of the outdoors in all of her fiction tales. She began exploring the US and the Canadian Maritimes at the age of 16 (with her mother’s concerned blessing), leaving her Boston roots to travel cross country and camp throughout Nova Scotia, the northwest woods of Oregon, the southern beaches of California, and everything in between.

She then “settled down” to (as quickly as possible) attend college. Instead of choosing one passion, she pursued careers in social service, early childhood education, and lactation counseling. She also took time to raise an adventurous family, enjoying the wonders of New England with them through all the seasons.

Throughout life, she has volunteered for countless organizations pertaining to ecology, wildlife conservation, and domestic violence. Her books contain issues relating to women’s self-esteem, parenting struggles, personal growth, individual empowerment, and of course, Mother Nature.

From 2010-2013, she released 14 mature audience romances (under a pen name) for a major mature audience romance publisher

HEART OF THE HURRICANE is her first audio book series, released in weekly episodes through from Sept 2013-Jan 2014.

HEART OF THE HURRICANE was released in paperback, eBook & audio book June, 2014.

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Jen: Please tell us about your newest release and where the idea came from.
May: I am currently in negotiations with a publisher to release my first women’s self-realization non-fiction. It targets the issue of excessive clinging, over dependency, and irrational attachment in relationships, exploring the who, what, where, when & why this happens, with emphasis on encouraging self-love & self-care in order to live a peaceful life (with or without a partner).

But my last release was Heart of the Hurricane.  Here’s a short excerpt:

“It looked like you were talking just now, up on the cliff,” she said.

Eliza shot her a sideways look. “Talking?”

“Yes, you do it a lot. Do you pray? Or sing? Or what?” she asked.

Eliza chewed her lower lip before speaking. “I um, talk to John sometimes actually,” she said nervously.

Joanna placed a hand on Eliza’s arm to stop her. “To John?” she asked, peering into Eliza’s eyes.

Eliza felt her cheeks burn. She averted her eyes to the carriage. John Jr. stirred but remained asleep.

Joanna shook her shoulder gently. “Eliza, tell me.”

Eliza swallowed. “I, um, see John sometimes. Other times I just sense him. You know? He checks on me, on us. I talk to him.”

Joanna cocked her head. ”So how long has this been going on?”

Eliza glanced sideways at her. “Since the day he died of course. You think John would leave me to suffer? You know the man as good as any, Jo. He has a heart of gold. He’d never want me to be alone with a baby.” Eliza chuckled. “He even helped me pick the fabric for the curtains in the boy’s room.”

Joanna nodded as they continued walking, apparently speechless.

Both women were silent for the rest of the walk into town. When they reached the church, Eliza lifted the baby out of the carriage. He blinked several times before issuing his mother a sweet smile. She followed Joanna inside, looking straight ahead, not meeting anyone’s eyes.

Joanna handled herself quite differently. Despite being pregnant and unmarried, she walked toward their favorite pew with her head held high, giving warm smiles to everyone she passed. She even threw out little comments such as, ‘Lovely day, isn’t it?’ or, ‘I love that hat!’ to the scowls or fake smiles she encountered from some of the women.

After Eliza sat down and settled John at her breast, she placed the small blanket over her shoulder. She kept her eyes up front, waiting for the pastor to take his spot.

Joanna leaned into her. “Don’t tell anyone else what you told me alright?”

Eliza glanced sideways, a look of disbelief on her face. “Of course not,” she scoffed in a harsh whisper, one hand adjusting the shoulder blanket which slipped. “Everyone knows John is colorblind. Haven’t you seen how those curtains don’t match the room? If they knew I let him pick out the fabric they’d think I was crazy.”


Jen: Who is your celebrity crush?
May: Both Johnny Depp & Robert Downey Jr.!

Jen: Fave breakfast food.
May: Pretty much any home-baked muffins or bread accompanied by lots of black coffee.

Jen: Favorite holiday tradition?
May: Slow roasted Prime Rib on Winter Solstice

Jen: Favorite form of exercise.
May: Walking, walking, and more walking

Jen: Song that you put on replay.
May: The entire Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon album

Jen: Food you couldn’t live without?
May: Black coffee & ground flax seeds

Jen: What do you collect?
May: Memories

Jen: Which reality show would you want to be on?
May: None, but I’d love to score it big on Antiques Roadshow someday

Jen: Favorite genre to read.
May: How to fix things & self-help books

Jen: What book family would you want to be a part of?
May: The ‘good’ rabbits in Watership Down

Jen: Dress/skirt or pants?
May: Jean skirts

Jen: What is your favorite “reading” beverage?
May: Black coffee shots (Little 1-2 oz. portions. I do em all day)

Jen: What’s next for you?
May: What isn’t? I have a slew of romances, children’s books, and non-fictions in varying stages of completion. I write daily. There is never a lack of material. However, when my chickens are out playing, perfect hiking days, during farming & harvest season, it is a struggle for me to sit at the computer.

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14 thoughts on “Interview & Contest: May Woodworth

  1. erinf1 says:

    I think it’s wistful thinking. I don’t believe in ghosts or anything paranormal in real life. Maybe that’s what makes it fun to read about it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lori Ha says:

    I don’t believe in ghosts however I think it’s fun to hear all the stories. My hubby’s family believes in them though and they have some awesome stories.

  3. It’s funny, I don’t believe in ghosts per se, as in dead people communicating with the livingmore belief is in beings slipping in and out of different dimensions and they pop through ours sometimes and its like hey! This was fun to write because tEluza does believe in ghosts. I had to push my own views aside.

  4. Loved the excerpt, it was quite refreshing and carried a nice mix of humor. I am a Robert Downy Jr. fan myself and unfortunately I do believe in ghosts having had quite a few hard core experiences with them throughout my life. I admire your write every day motto, wish I could do that myself. Have to split my time between writing, painting, recording audio, and illustrating book covers. Thanks for sharing this interview, I enjoyed it very much. 🙂

  5. Thanks Dora. I’m glad you appreciated the humor. I guess I find humor everywhere, even if death is involved. 🙂
    I admire your juggling act with all of those jobs. So many talents! So many deadlines!
    For me, writing is my main passion, I stay up late if I have to in order to fit it in. I intend to keep writing until I become good at it 🙂

  6. Johnnie-Marie Howard says:

    i sure do believe in Ghost and tarot cards and all that other great stuff. I also believe we all come back as something or someone. I have my own set of Tarot cards that i use sometimes

    • May Woodworth says:

      I love tarot cards , used to use them often.
      I am a believer in tapping into universal energy, as in gathering insight and direction from the universal force which unites us all.

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