Try It Tuesday: Pet Hair Grooming Scissors Kit

Pet Hair Grooming Scissors Kits (1 for Body and 1 for Face + Ear + Nose + Paw) – Sharp and Strong Stainless Steel Blade Grooming Scissors with Round Tip Top for Dogs of All Breeds and Other House Animals
Manufacturer:   PetMagasin Direct
Weight / Size:  1 of 6.5 inch long pet body grooming scissors + 1 of 6 inch long pet facial grooming scissor
Source:  book provided by   PetMagasin Direct

  • Price for 1, but you get 2. Package includes : 1 of 6.5 inch long pet body grooming scissors + 1 of 6 inch long pet facial grooming scissors
  • Pet Magasin Guarantee – 2 years warranty + 100% money back guarantee
  • Stainless steel blade makes it look elegant and gives it a long life span
  • Extra cushion on the inside circle to reduce fatigue; grooming your pet’s hair can be a long process, so you want your fingers to be relaxed at all time<
  • Round-tipped top prevents accidental cut to yourself or your pet because safety is always our top concern


Review: I opened up the package which was easy to open. The scissors were a little hard to get out because of the zip ties that kept them in the package. I couldn’t wait to open them and try them out. I knew my yorkie wasn’t going to like it much.

All I have to say about this product is that I love it. I felt comfortable cutting my dogs hair with him moving around. What I liked the most was the tips. They are rounded with a little extra on the sides. I knew that I wouldn’t have to worry about stabbing my dog with a pair of scissors. I never liked cutting my dog that much and I hate to say that I had a great experience. The reason that I say hate is because I might have to cut him more myself.

The good part is that I can now save some money when my dog just needs a little trim. I like the way the handles are and they don’t hurt my hands, especially since I have arthritis. I can even trust my kids with them. So that way they don’t get hurt just like my dog doesn’t get hurt. So I know that if I had a larger dog I would be able to use these scissors on him. So I was so lucky to get these to try out.