Try It Tuesday: MeasuPro Digital Clock, Timer and Stopwatch

MeasuPro Digital Clock, Timer and Stopwatch
Manufacturer: MeasuPro
Weight / Size: 3.6 x 1 x 2.8 inches ; 2.9 ounces
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

Your Helpful Guide!

MeasuPro has designed its products to be the most user-friendly possible and offer superior functionalities so that they become your helpful guide. The clocks / timers can be used around the kitchen to alert you when time is up. Cook your dinner to perfection with the MeasuPro digital kitchen timers and clocks. Even further than that, you can challenge yourself using the stopwatch function. Take an activity you wish to speed up and monitor your progress. If it is clean-up, typing, or any other activity. You can even use it to time your exercise routine, in this case you will want to increase the time period day by day! All products are constructed for long lasting durability.

The MeasuPro Clock/Timer/Stopwatch with three alert type settings – CCT300

The MeasuPro Digital Clock, Timer, and Stopwatch with three alert type settings features an easy-to-read screen with large digits. You can either clip it, mount it, or set it using the little metal stand. The extra loud alarm will alert you when the time is up. Its memory function stores the countdown time. You can select the 12 hour or 24 hour switch in the back of the clock to choose a format. There are three alert type settings – buzz, beep, or LED – which you can set according to your preference.


Review: As odd as this sounds, the stove/oven in my apartment doesn’t have a timer. Neither does my microwave. So for years I’ve been using my phone for this task. And while it’s serviceable, I’ve been wanting a timer for a while. So, when this product came across my inbox, I knew I had to give it a try.

20140802_132056When I first received the product, I thought it was well packaged. I mean, it was super easy to get into unlike some products where you end up with those almost vacuum sealed plastic that is near impossible to get into without hurting yourself. Big plus! Now the downside on the packaging is that are the directions printed on the back. The cardboard insert is a mid-gray shade and the print on it is white. Super hard to read. If you’re reading this on our blog, there’s a photo to see what I mean. But the directions are pretty simple to follow.

Now on to the product itself. You get a three in one deal with this item as it’s description states: digital clock, timer and stopwatch. I’ve been using the clock for a month now and it’s still in time with my cell phone, so it seems to not be losing or gaining time. The timer and stopwatch functions are accessed by sliding the switch on the left side. Under the clock there are self-explanatory buttons to start/stop you stopwatch and to set your clock and/or timer.

Now flip the clock over and you’ll see the setting for the different ways of notification. There are options for beeping, vibrating and and LED flashing light. In all honesty, I didn’t see the purpose of the LED light unless you’re staring at the clock or hearing impaired, you’re not going to see the notification. As for the vibration notification, well, it’s rather weak.  It’s not loud and even when it was pinned to my shirt, I still couldn’t feel the vibrations.  At any rate, I stick to the beeping notifications.  It’s not terribly loud or obnoxious.  You need to be in the same room to hear it, but why wouldn’t you keep it near you if you’re using the timer function?

I think my favorite feature on the product is the stand/clip/magnet on the back. This nifty little device is super cool.  The magnet is strong, allowing you to store the clock on your refrigerator if you’d like.  It also works as a clip so you can clip it to your clothing or I could even clip it to my laptop screen if I’d prefer.  But along with that clip, there’s this little metal piece that will fall down to keep the clip extended and creates a stand.  I actually use the stand feature all the time and have the clock sitting on my end table in my living room so I have easy access to the clock.

All-in-all, I’ve been very satisfied with this product.  I’d recommend changing the coloring on the packaging / directions to make it a little more appealing and easier to read.  But the product itself works great for me and if you’re looking for a timer with multiple functions, this may be the one for you.