Try It Tuesday: Car Radar Detector with 360 Degree Protection

Car Radar Detector with 360 Degree Protection
Manufacturer: enKo products
Weight / Size: 6.4 ounces
Source: Product provided by the manufacturer for review

Car radar detector provides all band radar detection including X, K, Ka, and 360 degree detection of laser signals. Product offers city 1, 2 and highway 1, 2 modes to provide a wide choice for ensuring a setting for optimal coverage in city or highway.
The signal strength meter icon indicates the strength level of the present radar encountered so you can judge the distance from the signal source.



Review:  It’s been more than 20 years since I last used a car radar/laser detector. I was curious to see what the new models were like, especially since I love driving a sports car. The most significant difference I noted was size. Weighing in at 6.4 ounces, the enKo CCT278 is lighter than a cell phone and super easy to operate.

photo 2It arrived in an easy-to-open box, complete with the detector, a car plug-in, instruction manual, spare fuse and a suction cup mounting kit. Anytime I get a new product, especially if it has electric components, I like to scan the instruction manual to make sure I am not missing anything. The instruction manual provided clear information, especially when I was trying to decide what mode and level to use (city or highway, 1-2). It’s good to see that technology has greatly improved and the detector filters out a lot of the “junk” false alarms. Although I had to do a lot of driving in order to find an active radar, I can attribute that to small town life. Once activated, the device provides a well modulated alert rather than the annoying hair raising tones of the past.

photoFor the initial testing phase, I opted against mounting it on the windshield and instead placed it comfortably on the dash. Since it plugs into the cigarette lighter, that means there is no extra outlet available to charge my cell phone. A long road trip might require some adjustments since I typically have my GPS hooked into the cigarette lighter. The detector was tested under both daytime and nighttime conditions because I wanted to see the visual signals in operation. I was impressed with the ease in which I was able to control the device while driving since there are only three buttons.

I can see this device definitely coming in handy on the interstate and other areas that are heavily patrolled. While there was not as much action in my local town, all it took was a trip down the interstate to pick up the radars. There are certainly more expensive brands on the market, but this one meets my needs.