Throwback Thursday Review: Noble Destiny by Katie MacAlister

Noble Destiny by Katie MacAlister
Series: Noble Series (# 2)
Re-release Date: June 3, 2014
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Pages: 378
Source:  book was provided by NetGalley for review



Dear Worthy Reader:

I take quill in hand to warn you of the inaccurate picture hinted at in this very tome of my modest self. A poor widow, I returned to England eager to take my place in the ton, only to find myself shunned by all. My one choice was to marry again, and who can chastise me for picking a groom who combined those attributes—wealth, a title, and good looks—that would ensure my utter happiness.

I know you will understand my frustration when Alasdair McGregor, the manly personification of those attributes, cruelly refused to be the answer to my problems. In fact, I was forced by Dare’s obstinacy to take extreme action—the faulty codpiece that led to our marriage, the wedding that was literally a circus, and, of course, the time I shot Dare to cheer him up.

Not even an annoyance such as the loss of Dare’s fortune could stand between me and what I wanted most: the love of my husband. I am confident that you will disregard comments from those jealous ladies who refer to my having trapped Dare into an unwanted union, and instead look beneath the obvious to read the true story of our love.

Most humbly yours,
Lady Charlotte Collins


Review: Katie MacAlister has always managed to make me laugh, sometimes I giggle right out loud when I’m reading her books.  This book was no exception.  There were several moments of outright hilarity.

However, while Charlotte started off being funny, her charm begin to wear thin.  Dare was over the top in his refusal to make the marriage a real one, although I understood his heart was in the right place, he didn’t really handle it the best way for Charlotte. The secondary characters were long suffering as they dealt with Charlotte’s antics and woes and caused problems for Dare.

Charlotte’s goal was to be welcomed back into the Ton after having run away impulsively and married a much older man. Now widowed she has returned to London in hopes of bettering her station in life.  She sets her hopes on Dare.  Dare, however, is still smarting over a relationship from long ago that has him very wary of falling in love and having a family.  His career as an engineer is the most important thing in the world for him.  But, he also has some other insecurities that made me feel sympathetic towards him even if I was mad at him. Charlotte also behaved like a ninny for the majority of the book and I started to wonder if this relationship had any hope whatsoever.

While Dare has more on his mind than torturing Charlotte, for that was surely the way she viewed it,  again I thought it was really wrong to have kept his reasons a secret from Charlotte. I thought that as immature and shallow as she was, his continuing to treat her as a child only prolonged her angst and prevented her from understanding him better.  Of course as we approached the halfway point of the book, things become a little clearer and Charlotte is beginning to realize that society is not as rewarding as she thought it to be.  Life with Dare and helping him with his goals and dreams began to consume more of her time she began to really fall in love with him.  As Dare begins to realize some of his dreams he knows that Charlotte was a big part of his success and he is proud to see the girl he married has turned into a lovely, giving, responsible and caring woman.

This was a fun and very lighthearted novel and for the most part it was enjoyable.  This is just the type of book to read when you when you’ve had a trying time . You won’t be able to read the entire book without smiling – I promise! Overall this one will be a 3.