Review: Full On by Caitlyn Willows

Full On by Caitlyn Willows
Release Date: November 22, 2013
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc.
Pages: 119
Source: Book provided by the publisher for review



What happens when lovers face off in the courtroom? Not only has Russell been without his woman, he’s also had to put up with her kicking his ass all over the courtroom. Well, the trial is over. His woman, his sub, has managed to do what no one else could—beat him. Now it’s time to remind her who is really in charge. To complicate matters, someone is determined justice will be done, even if that means killing everyone involved in the case.


Review:  When the dust settles after a six-month court battle, opposing attorneys Russell Cambridge and Valerie Oswald have to figure out how to get their personal lives back on track. Since Valerie has gotten a taste of victory, the last thing she is ready for is to jump back into submission mode.

In Full On by Caitlyn Willows, this BDSM tale gets a dose of suspense when two attorneys find themselves in danger. Will they be able to regain the trust their Dominant/submissive relationship requires?

There’s no doubt that these characters share some scorching chemistry. The storyline creates a fresh set of complications that I haven’t read before. Is it possible for a couple to practice D/s only in the bedroom without those feelings carrying over into the workplace?

Although I enjoyed the dynamics between the characters, especially the really hot BDSM scenes, the secondary plot involving the danger and suspense seemed somewhat contrived. In order to make the story work, there would obviously need to be some kind of drama, but these characters deserve a more developed plot.

This story features a hot Alpha who is man enough to know what he wants, but smart enough to figure out that the caveman approach won’t work. As for the submissive female, she clearly shows who wields the real power in a relationship.