Review: An Unconventional Courtship by Morgan King

An Unconventional Courtship by Morgan King
Series:  If The Lady First Refuses… (# 1)
Release Date:   June 12, 2013
Publisher:  Evernight Publishing
Pages:  45
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



To marry or not to marry?

Eleanor Chatsby has her eye on a man – unfortunately he doesn’t appear to know she exists and is more interested in his hobby of bird watching.

Lord Alexander Mendton, curses his inability to communicate well with others, especially when his attention is captured by the most interesting of ladies.

One impetuous act from her and he is struck by the desire to make Eleanor his wife. Unfortunately his proposal is unexpected, poorly timed, and refused. He is not deterred and begins a plan of seduction.

Their courtship fast becomes a battle of wills. What can Lord Mendton do to capture his lady’s heart? Is he prepared to go all the way and cede her control of their relationship



Review:   At forty five pages this was truly a novella. Eleanor/Ellie is a lady but doesn’t act like one.  Setting her sights on her future husband she goes after him how she wants to and doesn’t worry about what society thinks even though her mother does.  At least she takes her maid, Fanny, with her when she goes out.  Caught in the dilemma of being wooed by Lord Wyvern to be his wife when she is just being polite by going on outings with him does not set well with Ellie and she lets him know it.  Ellie trying to capture the interest of Lord Alex Mentdon leads us on a few adventures.  Watching the two of them get to know each other while being cheeky was so out of character for the time and caused a chuckle or two.  There was some heat to the storyline in unexpected ways.

This was an historical that needed more depth especially to the story but also to the characters.  There was family, friends, romance and love.  Alex’s sister, Frances, gave some realism to the story.  There was an epilogue which tied up the story nicely and showed how different Ellie and Alex’s marriage and feelings were for the times.  It also hints at the next story in the series.

King is a new to me author and I may give her other books a try hoping for a little more depth to the story and the characters.

Favorite Quote:  Stepping out of the boat that day had been the most fortunate thing Ellie had ever done.  Her mother had scolded her for being foolish and making a scene.  If she had been foolish, than so had Alex by proposing on the spot.  Love had not made fools of them, but as fools they had found love.