Review: A Pretense of Love by Aileen Fish

A Pretense of Love by Aileen Fish
Release Date: September 14, 2013
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 57
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Twenty-two-year-old Jean’s best chance of finding a husband is behind her. When her brother’s friend offers to pay for a Season in London in exchange for pretending to be his betrothed, she sees it as a miracle.

Ben needed a fiancée to convince his dying grandfather that he has settled down and is capable of inheriting and running his business and estate. But he didn’t consider how spending six weeks with Jane would make her necessary to his happiness. Now she’s in London and he’s in agony. A gentleman never reneges on an agreement…unless his heart is broken.

A Blush® Regency romance from Ellora’s Cave


Review:   The story takes place in the early 1800’s in England and is a novella at only 57 pages.  It’s a sweet historical romance with an epilogue that sets the stage of what to expect but needed better closure.  A prologue or a few more chapters would have helped since it ended abruptly even if it did have an anticipated happily ever after.

Ben and Jean agree to a ruse in order to meet a stipulation in his grandfather’s will but neither expects it to come to anything else.  Watching them dance around each other and their attraction was fun to see even when I could tell their feelings were getting stronger.  They both had family history regarding love holding them back without realizing it.  Jean had so much angst about finding a husband and felt Ben was just toying with her to prevent her from making a proper marriage.  Ringley was a good friend to Ben and helped see him through his dilemmas.  Jean’s friend, Agnes, was more of a companion while having their season in London, even if it was Agnes’ third one.  There were family and friends, proper chaperones, rides in the park, dances and theater, just like I’d expect a young Englishwoman’s season to be.  Surprisingly this is the second book I’ve read recently where ices are sent round as a gift having never heard of them before as being such a treat.

Fish is a new to me author and I will give her other books in the historical romance genre a try to see if they have better closure.

Favorite Quote:   …Titles were prestigious but they didn’t guarantee a happy life.  And love spoke for itself, despite what her mother said on the matter.