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ShycutJen:  We’re halfway though our look at contemporary erotica and today we’re welcoming Shyla Colt to the blog.  Shyla’s actually been reviewing for RtB for a couple years as well as churning out book after book.  Shyla, can you share a little about yourself?
Shyla:  Shyla Colt is a quirky genre hopping rule breaker looking to diversify romance and take readers on countless adventures. You never know where you’ll end up or who you’ll meet in one her books If you’d like to learn more or just drop a line, please check her out at

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Jen: Please tell us about your newest release and where the idea came from.
Shyla: My latest release, Wayward Love is an exciting return to paranormal romance. This is one of my favorite genres to read, and write, and I knew with Halloween coming up I’d be able to dabble in the world where anything is possible. Wayward Love is a short story that goes with The Purgatory series. It’s an introduction into the exciting new Arc which features death himself. I fell in love with the suave, sarcastic, insightful character during the first arc of The Purgatory series, and I’ve been dying to tell his story ever since.

wayward loveIt came to me on a late night drive. That’s when I do a lot of my best thinking, and shake off writer’s block. It came to me first in the phrase, Even Death has a heart. From there grew a story, I am very proud of. This will release October 12th from Hot Ink Press.

Wayward Love

Even Death has a heart.

The daughter of Lucifer is getting married, and death’s the best man, so he does the obvious thing, and brings a date.
From the beginning of time Death has existed alone with the burden of many on his shoulders. He’s worked tirelessly, playing the part of the ferryman carrying souls to the afterlife. With each century that’s passed he’s grown more numb and removed. Then he saw a soul that blazed so bright, it cut through the hazy shade of gray that encompassed him. The woman who possessed the beacon brought him to his knees. Now he’ll break all the rules to keep her by his side.



The sensation of tingling alerted Death to a summons from his niece. Intrigued, he finished guiding a soul to the afterlife and returned to earth. This was her first time using his gift. He appeared beside her on the back deck. His eyes scanned the scene. Nothing appeared to be amiss.

She sat at the patio table beside Yophiel.

“Is everything okay?” Death asked.

“Yes, it’s actually I who asked her to call you here,” Yophiel replied as he rose from his chair.

Death arched an eyebrow. This could be interesting. His life had gotten a lot more colorful recently.

“I wanted to ask if you would be the best man at our wedding.”

His eyebrows flew up. “I must admit this is the last thing I expected.” He grinned while imagining Lucien’s face. “I’d be honored.”

“Thank you.” Heavenleigh squealed and ran over to hug him.

He cherished the warmth that flowed from her to him. Times like these had always been few and far between. He handled the darkness while his brother left the light. He was strong enough to take it, but even he wasn’t completely immune to loneliness, or boredom for that matter.

She moved away from him.

“So, when and where is this blessed event?”

“Yeah, about that…” Heavenleigh glanced away.

“Oh, now I know this is going to be good,” he retorted.

“It’s going to be held in—hell.”

Death threw back his head and laughed. “Of course it is, where else would a fallen angel and the daughter of Lucien be bonded in matrimony? When?”

Heavenleigh and Yophiel exchanged a look. “In two weeks. After everything that has happened, none of us want to wait.”

“I can’t blame you there. If I found the bound you two have, I wouldn’t hesitate.” His thoughts turned to a soft skinned, smoky-blue eyed woman. “I’ll be there with bells on, just tell me we aren’t doing a Men’s Warehouse special on the suits.” He frowned.

Heavenleigh laughed.

“No, you are free to wear whatever you like. It will only be you and Layla standing up for us at the altar.”

“Less is always more,” Death said, pleased he would get to experience such a huge moment with his old friend and his goddaughter. “You’ll keep me informed?”

“Of course.”

“Excellent. I have arrangements to make now, so if you’ll excuse me. I’ll take my leave.” He gave a half bow and returned to the one place on earth he frequently visited. In the white walled hospital, he remained invisible, watching the coming and goings of people. Life started and stopped here more than any other place. The smell of antiseptic, flowers, hope and oncoming death filled his nose. The blend of smells were a perfume he’d become accustomed to. He battled with his thoughts as he stared at the familiar room. I should not continue to do this to either of us. The thought of ending her life was uncontainable. For the first time in his existence, he’d become too attached.

It wasn’t like him to bend the rules, but hadn’t emotions always been the best cause for a little rule bending?  He stood alone, a silent citadel, keeping the peace while bearing the weight of souls. The ferryman, he traveled down the river Styx with only his reapers to share the heavy burden he carried. Then he saw Dove, a blazing white light in the never ending darkness of oncoming death. True goodness was a rare and beautiful thing to behold. So, he’d drawn closer, pulled in like a magnet.


Jen: Who is your celebrity crush?
Shyla: I’d have to say Jensen Ackles, only for me, he’s always “Dean Winchester”.

Jen: Fave breakfast food?
Shyla: Oh man, it varies. I do love pancakes.

Jen: Favorite month?
Shyla: March. I’m partial it’s the month I was born.

Jen: Favorite piece of jewelry?
Shyla: My wedding band set. It’s the only thing I wear on a regular basis, and holds so many wonderful memories.

Jen: Favorite rainy day activity?
Shyla: Reading with a warm cup of tea or coffee under a nice snugly blanket.

Jen: Who is your hero?
Shyla: My mother.

Jen: How do you eat an Oreo?
Shyla: Drowned in milk.

Jen: Preferred method of travel?
Shyla: I love road trips, but I also enjoy flying.

Jen: Most surprising item on your bucket list?
Shyla: I actually don’t have one written down just yet.

Jen: Do you have any writing rituals?
Shyla: Hmm, not really, though I will say I can’t write until I have my names nailed down.

Jen: Tropics or mountains?
Shyla: Mountains.

Jen: One piece or two piece bathing suit?
Shyla: Two piece.

Jen:  What’s next for you?
Shyla:  I’m so glad you asked this question. I told you Halloween was my favorite holiday, right? Well I’ll be releasing a second book on October 15th, called Tribulation Road. This is an action packed paranormal smorgasbord!

The members of Noble exist in the shadows, keeping the evil seeking to ruin the world at bay. For centuries, the covert organization caused fear in the hearts of the supernatural community. But that is all about to change. As the daughter of the Noble Clan leader, Brigh Howell is prepared for anything. Until one hunt changes life as she knows it.

With the revelation of a betrayer in the ranks, she’s forced to call the one man she hoped she would never see again. Her ex-fiancée and Noble deserter, Jaeger Sutton. Forced to work together to save their clan, the two find the connection between them is still alive and well. Will airing their secrets be enough to mend the broken pieces of what once was?

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    I love how PNR authors “reinvent” the wheel so to speak. It amazes me how inventive and original the stories are 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. JoAnne says:

    Paranormals aren’t my favorite but if there is a realism to the storyline with time travel I’m in.
    Great interview.

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