Anniversary Interview: JM Walker


Bio PicJen: It’s our last day of our look at contemporary erotica and we’re excited to welcome JM Walker to Romancing the Book. JM, will you share a short bio with us?
JM: When J.M. isn’t working her Monday-Friday 9-5 job, she’s spending her time reading, writing and with the love of her life.

She’s an all-around Canadian girl. Born and raised in a small city.

If you don’t see J.M. writing, you’ll find her with her nose in a book. Whether it’s her words or someone else’s, she’s drawn to it.

J.M. loves stories with Alpha broken males and that need to be ripped apart and put back together again. Men that fall to their knees over a wink or a giggle from their females.

Two things you will never find J.M. without; her cell phone and lip gloss. If she has both of those items, you have a happy girl.

Since starting her writing adventure in 2013, J.M. has met many people, real life, online, in her head and she loves every single one of them. Without the support from others, none of this would be possible and she’s grateful for all that has been given to her.

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Jen: Please tell us about your newest release and where the idea came from.
JM: Heat is about a tattooed billionaire who owns a company and hires an intern to assist him. Well little do we know that there is more to Parker Reed then he lets on.

I was actually lying in bed one night and the idea came to me. I know the billionaire story has been done over and over again but I wanted to expand on that. So Parker Reed came to me. He’s tattooed, pierced, rough AND a billionaire. He’s not your typical businessman.

Jen: Sebastian vs. Brett?
JM: Both but for very different reasons. Sebastian was my first Alpha male so he will always hold a special spot in my heart. But Brett…he’s dirty and broken, rough and delicious. I enjoyed writing him and I was so happy to finish his story and give him the happiness that he deserved. He’s also a favorite amongst my readers. Just ask my editor. She LOVES him.

Jen: Most challenging part about releasing books in a series rather than as part on one book?
JM: Finding the drive to write the next book and make it better than the first. For Parker’s books, I wrote Heat in like 3 weeks cause I was off sick and now that I’m back to work, I’m finding it so much harder to write the second book. I could so get used to being a full time writer. Lol! Oh and I’ve never written a standalone until now and that book isn’t even close to being finished…I’ll get back to you on this one.

Jen: What do you want readers to feel after reading one of your books?
JM: The message I was trying to get across in my Torn trilogy is to always love deep, love hard, and love unconditionally. Find that one. That only. To be with you through your darkness and your light. Sigh. I love Brett and miss him terribly.

So bottom line, although my books can be raw and gritty, real, I want people to feel the feels when they are done. To have that book hangover I always crave as a reader.

Jen: You’ve credited your aunt as being a strong force behind your decision to start writing. What feedback has she given you now that you have published several books?
JM: I’ve only talked to her once about it because she lives in China now but she was surprised and so proud of me for actually writing a book, let alone several. When she gave me the idea to start writing, she had no idea that I would write a book. She thought it would be like a poem or something. Lol!

Jen: Which of your characters do you most identify with?
JM: Well I had a wonderful childhood and most of my characters came from broken pasts but personality wise, there is a piece of me in all of them. So honestly, I really have no idea.

Jen: How do you know how much heat your storyline can handle?
JM: My books have been known to have too much sex…of course that is a matter of opinion but…I’m learning to mix more story with my sexy scene’s. That has been a big problem that I’m sure a lot of authors struggle with. So honestly? I really have no idea. I listen to my beta readers, my editors, my characters…but you can never pleasure everyone and THAT I’m slowly learning to accept.

Jen: Best book you’ve ever read?
JM: Oh gosh. This is probably the hardest question EVER. Hmm…I’m going to go with the first book that came to mind. Now this isn’t my favorite book as a whole cause I really have no idea which book is my favorite but for the dark genre that I love so much…I’d have to go with Joseph Fallen by M.S. Willis. The reason for this is because it brought out ALL of the feels. Feelings that I have never felt before. It was amazing.

Jen: Hobbies outside of reading and writing?
JM: I crochet on the side and have even made money off of it which is pretty cool.

Jen: Crazy cat story…we know you have at least one.
JM: My youngest cat likes to play fetch. She’s also stealth and lives up to her name, Vader. Lol! AND, the cutest thing she does because I really don’t have a crazy story but when I’m lying in bed, she’ll lay beside me. Her body will be on the bed and her head on the pillow like a human. She even sighs and closes her eyes right away. It’s simply adorable.

Jen: If you could create a reality show based on your life, what would it be called?
JM: HA! Uh…hmm…

“The Fabulous Life of Awesome”

Jen: What’s next for you?
JM: I am working on Edge, book two to the Parker Reed Series and I’m also working on my first standalone ever. This standalone is super secret as of right now since I don’t have a lot written in it yet and I don’t know when it will be done.