Throwback Thursday: The Perfect Score by Julie Kenner

The Perfect Score by Julie Kenner
Series: It’s All About Attitude (# 5)
Release Date: Originally published 2006; re-issued June 15, 2014
Publisher: Harlequin Special Releases
Pages: 256
Source: Book provided by the author for review



Bad Girl Grading System

A — Totally bad!!!
B — Could be worse…
C — Wannabe territory
D — Way too nice!
F — Give it up, Mattie Brown!

Mattie Brown has always prided herself at excelling at everything. And that’s why it’s killing her that she scored only 18% on a sex test! But she isn’t going to take it lying down. (Well, maybe she will, but that’s beside the point.) Her plan — to proposition Cullen Slater, the neighborhood stud, for some hands-on instruction in how to make her sex life sizzle. Too bad it’s her cute, nice-guy neighbor Mike Peterson who’s lighting her fire….


Review: Julie Kenner’s books are just such fun to read! I think the first book of hers I read involved superheroes on an other-worldly level (the Aphrodite series) and I enjoyed the frivolity and easy style of her writing. The Love Test brought me right back to that style.

I found Mattie likable and I even felt a connection with her – dating all the wrong men only to settle down with someone who turned out to be in no way the right man. Getting back out there is not easy and I have to give her credit for doing it on her own terms. When faced with staying in her same old boring life or taking a chance on an upgraded sex life – and perhaps that career opportunity she’s been waiting for – she jumps on the chance to make those changes. It’s a struggle for her but with the encouragement of her best friend and her sister, she pushes herself past her normal boundaries.

Mike is described as a geek but he has abs and he’s charming – not what I would normally describe as ‘geek-ish’ but it works here. There are several things that drew me to the character – he found Mattie’s slut search a challenge, he found the awkward things she did (like spilling a bag full of condoms and vibrators) endearing and, most importantly, he didn’t give up. Instead, he pushed on and fought harder. Yes, Mike is definitely a romance novel man.

While it seems a little shallow to have sex with a male model just to raise a score on an internet slut test, I can see where it could be a consideration for a woman who finds herself recently out of a boring, go-nowhere relationship. Of course, as readers, we know how the story is going to end and I loved the way Kenner looped it back around to the beginning.

So just for fun *ahem* I found a slut test on the internet. Okay, I found more than one and I took two different ones to weigh the results (and because the questions on the first one were just kind of dumb). On the first test I scored 58% – I’m not a full-blown slut but still a slut. The second one, which had more sex-oriented questions, brought my score up to 63%. According to the first site, the average slut score is 36% so I figure I’m double the average slut.

Favorite Quote: Clearly, I was out with the quarterback, and a tiny part of me wanted to melt into the floor. Because I’m so not the homecoming queen.