Review: Will You Dance, Miss Laurence? by Raven McAllan

Will You Dance, Miss Laurence? by Raven McAllan
Series: Dance Studio (# 1)
Release Date: March 15, 2013
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Pages: 34
Source: Book provided by publisher for review



Dancing lessons were supposed to be fun, but who ever heard of attending them without your knickers on?

Shibari Master Ryan is intrigued by Ava, so when his cousin asks a favor, he is only too happy to help Ava out of the rut she says she is in.

Will her past allow her to enjoy his bondage, or will true submission prove a step too much?


Review:  Ava Laurence needs to spice up her life, so she signs up for dancing lessons after a suggestion from a friend. Little does she know that the type of dancing Ryan Culliver has in mind isn’t exactly ballroom dancing.

Author Raven McAllan introduces readers to a short story that tests a woman’s limits in Will You Dance, Miss Laurence? This BDSM-themed short is better suited as an appetizer, although I would definitely have liked to have read more about Master Ryan.

If you are looking for some hot action with a large dose of kink, then this will be a great way to spend an hour. Some of the language was a bit clunky to my American English ears, particularly the reference to knickers. I also found a few spots where the story needed some polish to improve the flow.

I’m not a big fan of quickie reads because I like to spend time getting to know the characters. In this case, I felt like I got a tantalizing glimpse…but it was a bit too short to savor.