Review: Wallflowers by Sean Michael

Wallflowers by Sean Michael
Release Date: December 1 2012
Publisher: Amber Quill Press
Pages: 72
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Ryan Coulter is a sports science graduate, who’s deep in the closet. Returning to his college town to be in a frat buddy’s wedding, he discovers he still has feelings for his old college lover, Daniel James Delout. Too bad he’s still in the closet and DJ most definitely is not, the main reason why they broke up in the first place. To complicate matters further, DJ is now blind, and is, somehow, almost maddeningly Zen about the blindness, Ryan, everything.

Can Ryan ignore his stronger-than-ever attraction to DJ and just get through the wedding rehearsal, ceremony, and reception? Does he even want to? And what happens if he and DJ do reconnect? After all, he’s still in the closet…right?


Review: This was such a beautiful story. It was beautifully written and the story and the way the characters develop, it was just beautiful. I love m/m books where one character is in the closet and the other character is out and not afraid of what people think about who he chooses to love. I like these kinds of stories because they reflect what goes on in reality and it shines a light onto what people, whether a man or a woman go through when they decide to “go against the grain” and follow their heart and love someone of the same gender. Some people are accepting, and some people (for example family members), are not and are incredibly narrow minded.

Ryan is so in the closet he can’t find his way out. I felt sorry for him because of the fear of coming out. It could possibly hurt his career and the friendships that he’s made over the years. It’s a big deal for him. He’s lived so long in fear and doesn’t realize how freeing it could be by just coming out. He still has very strong feelings for DJ and he’s not sure how being with him could be a possibility due to not wanting to come out.

Daniel James Delout, or DJ as I shall refer to him, is a man that has had to accept a lot of things in his life that he didn’t choose to have happen to him. He had to accept that being gay is who he is. He had to accept that the man that he loves can’t be open about his lifestyle and so he can’t be open and affectionate with him in public, and he had to accept that he is now blind and dependent upon others to help him. He appears to be zen about a lot of things, but inside, he is vulnerable emotionally. He has to depend on someone else to help him live his life so he doesn’t walk out of the house in mismatched socks. He needs someone to attend to putting his personal items away in the exact same spot so that he knows where they are. It’s a lot to accept and deal with. It’s a big deal for him. I felt sorry for him as well due to all of his losses in his life.

These two characters really touched my heart and emotions and I felt that they both became better because they came back into each others lives and forced each other to reevaluate what they had before and what they could have together.