Review: Splintered Lies by Karen Lopp

Splintered Lies by Karen Lopp
Release Date: May 18, 2014
Publisher: Silver Tree Publishing
Pages: 223
Source: book provided by the author for review



Detective Rissa Marten sacrificed her only chance for a normal life to put a drug lord behind bars. Now, her life in the shadows has to be brought to life to save the man she has secretly loved for years. With a price on her head can she risk letting him know?

Detective Jerah Qassem has built his career as an undercover agent in the dangerous world of drug cartels. But when a ghost from his past is resurrected can he overcome his bitterness in time to save her life?


Review: I enjoyed this romantic suspense novel mostly because it was unique. Rissa is a person in a really tight position due to her parents and the kind work she has chosen. Jerah is a detective that was touched by Rissa many years ago, but has believed her to be dead up until now. The woman he knew in the past is certainly not the woman standing before him now. But, he still loves her, and Rissa loves him, but the problem Rissa has with Jerah and pursuing the relationship is one that is nearly impossible to overcome.

The story has a few threads going at once as Rissa was assigned the undercover job and has been partnered with a married man who is really dedicated to his family. This makes things a little awkward as Rissa, who is now going by the name “Cindy” will have to make it look like they are having an affair. Rissa gets sucked into Jerah’s mess too. These are dangerous people , members of drug cartels,with hidden agendas and “Cindy” will have to look like a hard partying woman that likes money and sex .

As each day passes the tension in the case rises as does the heat between Jerah and Rissa. But, Rissa can’t forget the past and simply can not have a future.. with Jerah or anyone else.

One small complaint is that the use of Rissa’s real name and the use of her undercover name got tossed back and forth which made it confusing at times. I thought it was sort of strange that Jerah had known Rissa eight years ago and quickly began using her new name, but then he, or the 3rd person, couldn’t decide which name to use consistently. I guess maybe Jerah used the name “Cindy” so they could stay convincing in the undercover roles they had to play. That makes sense I guess. It was just a little hard to decide which name to latch onto. I finally just went with Rissa.

The plot is riveting. By the half way mark I knew I would be up late to finish this one. My goodness! I didn’t know who trust and there are some really wild and crazy times for both Rissa and Jerah. At first the relationship between Rissa and Jerah is in the forefront while the crime is being laid out. There is a lot of baggage and a lot of misunderstandings that will have to be ironed out, but the romance was really great with one very memorable scene most ladies will relate too.

I wasn’t sure how things would turn out and this is certainly wasn’t the traditional type of HEA. But, it fits and it worked and even though there was a really high price to pay, Rissa and Jerah are finally free.




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