Review: Smalltown Heat by Cat Johnson

Smalltown Heat by Cat Johnson
Series: Red, Hot & Blue (# 2)
Release Date: September 3, 2013
Publisher:  Samhain Publishing
Pages:  232
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Who said happiness has to end with the word “cut”?

Jared enjoys simple farm life, until an LA producer blows into town like a tornado hitting a trailer park.

Pigeon Hollow is perfect for Mandy’s new reality show, and she’s sure Jared will have the female demographic glued to their sets. Except the red-hot cowboy is cool to the idea…even as their attraction heats up.

Ten years ago, just as Cole was about to head to the major leagues, Lizzie gave him everything…then broke his heart. Now he’s back with a bum arm and a cancelled contract. Lizzie is still there, still keeping her secrets.

Lizzie did what she had to do to give Cole the future he wanted, but there was no hiding the results of her one and only night in his arms. Now that he’s back it’s only a matter of time…

Bobby has two problems: a reality show that keeps creeping into his personal life, and an unexpected desire that the show’s assistant producer will creep into his bed.

Christy never mixes business with pleasure, but the town sheriff has her breaking all her own rules. And now she’s scrambling to keep her career from crashing and burning.

Warning: You met them in RED BLOODED, now fall in love with the men of Pigeon Hollow! Contains three hot men who have to get creative, both in and out of bed, to win the women they want.


Review:  This was a quick reading, fast paced, contemporary romance with cowboys, farmers, ranchers,  law enforcement and the crew for the reality TV series set in Pigeon Hollow, a very small town, whose townspeople became the cast for the reality show, Smalltown Heat.  Jared, Cole and Bobby – alpha males one and all –  all had their own stories but were involved and had connections in the others as well.  The women – Mandy, Lizzie and Christy each gave their guys a run for their money although Sue Ann, Jared’s former girlfriend and her friend Misty weren’t very happy about it!

Getting to know the people of Pigeon Hollow was interesting along with their families and friends.  They each had a lot of layers to them that got peeled back little by little to reveal their true selves. There was lots of steam rising off the pages along with laughter, happiness, fear, angst, secrets, jobs to be done and family values.  There was lots of loving, romance and love. Lizzie’s son Mikey was a nice addition to the storyline and his story and reactions were worked in nicely and Lizzie’s secret of ten years was finally revealed.  There were enough twists and turns to the story to keep my interest from beginning to end.

The epilogue tied up several loose ends and gave me the happily ever afters that were in the offing and that I was rooting for.  There was nice closure and I look forward to reading the other books in the series.

This series takes an interesting and different approach since the stories were previously published as ebooks individually – Jared, Cole and Bobby, ebooks 4, 5 and 6 respectively – and now are bundled together in print in Smalltown Heat.  The stories were interrelated and also referred to those in ebooks 1, 2 and 3 about Trey, Jack and Jimmy respectively and were bundled in print as Red Blooded.  The series continues with the next three books A Few Good Men, Model Soldier and A Prince Among Men as both ebooks and print books and then books 10, 11 and 12 will first be published as ebooks Bull, Matt and The Commander and then be bundled in print as True Blue.  Having only read Smalltown Heat I do plan and go back and read the others in the series and look forward to reuniting with characters I’ve met here.

Johnson is a fairly new to me author and I’ve read several of her other books.  She has been added to my always growing TBR pile and I look forward to reading her other books not only those in this series.  I always enjoy reading books published by Samhain Publishing of which this is one.

Favorite Quote:  He finally gave in.  She wanted an explanation, then he’d give her one.  “All right.  I’m gonna tell you something about how men see women.  There are women we’re attracted to for a night or two because they’re easy.  Then there are those we’re interested in for the long haul, because those are the keepers.”