Review: Pleasure Android 7.1 by Ela Stein

Pleasure Android 7.1 by Ela Stein
Release Date: May 2014
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Pages: 18
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Zola is dismayed to discover that for her 40th birthday, her friends teamed up to purchase her a hot sex droid. She refuses to let herself get attached to a machine, and tries her best to avoid the temptation. He is programmed to overcome such resistance and knows how to wear down defenses and sell himself like a pro using his perfect charms and impeccable skills. Though she suspects it’s nothing more than a sales pitch, she begins to question whether beneath his perfect manufactured exterior can lie genuine feelings and desires.


Review:  Pleasure Android 7.1 by Ela Stein is not part of any series but I hope we get to see more from these main characters in the future. I chose this book because after reading the blurb I had to see how this book would turn out.  It is a free read from Evernight Publishing.

Zola is turning 40 years old and all she wants for her birthday is to relax but instead she get a hot sex droid. Zola’s attitude toward the sex droid is very realistic and when she changes her mind, I had to laugh. I can’t think of many people would not want to try a sex droid out at least once.

Nico is a sex droid with the sole purpose of pressuring his owner. However, there is some very realistic responses when Zola interacts with him. I cant see Zola giving him up. The sex scene was intense. No matter how much Zola tried to fight it, she connected to Nico.

I found this book well written with a very futuristic plot. The main characters were realistic and interesting. I enjoyed the futuristic tone of the novel and it makes me wonder if this story will actually happen sometime in the future. This book had a well-defined beginning, middle and ending in only 18 pages. The ending was somewhat predicable however, considering the length of the story it was not unexpected. Overall, this was a fascinating and steamy book.