Review: Pieces of Truth by Angela Richardson

Pieces of Truth by Angela Richardson
Series: Pieces of Lies (# 2)
Release Date: May 12, 2013
Publisher: Angela Richardson
Pages: 218
Source: book provided by the author for review



In the sequel to Pieces of Lies, we follow Norah and Clint to New York, the playground for the Lappell and Big Joe.

From the outside, everything looks great for Norah and Clint. They have a new apartment, new jobs, a new life. Everything looks perfect… or is it?
Leaving Morewell was a big step for the couple, but for Norah, she moved with the knowledge that there could be more secrets Clint could be keeping, more deception that could bring her whole world crashing down. She took the step knowing the truth would be lurking in the shadows, waiting for her to find it.
Will the truth find Norah or will she find the truth?

In this story, relationships will be tested, old feelings will surface, secrets will be revealed and emotions will run high. By the end, Norah will have chosen her love, but at what price?


Review:  The second book of the Pieces of Lies series continues with Norah and Clint being together (read my review of book one here). They live together now and the first few pages showed how rocky their relationship is. A character from the first book also emerged and took quite a big role in this book. Samuel, Norah’s ex-boyfriend/fiancé comes back to claim her. The love triangle became a love square with another past love who wanted Norah.

Norah in this book is not far from the Norah in the prequel. Her personality is something I can’t understand. I don’t like how she can’t make up her mind and how she’s blinded by the lies that she makes rushed decisions. I also don’t like how she jumps from one guy to another. It’s like a cycle, when she learns about other lies and truths.

The book is narrated mostly on Norah’s point of view and some were from a new character. The flow of the story is still complicated like the first book. It’s a bit strained on how randomly some past events come between the present scenes.

I found it hard to feel the genuineness of the emotions the book wanted to partake. I admit that I’m a hopeless romantic so I’m an easy reader in terms of romance books. One of the reasons why I love reading them is because of how it gives me the want to be a part of the book not just an audience. But while reading this, it gave an opposite effect.

I really wish to love or even like the book but there was so much going on I can’t take it. I really had a hard time finishing the book. I was still in the first few pages of the book when I got pretty annoyed with how the characters acted — especially Norah. To tell you the truth, I half-heartedly finished the book so I can give you a somewhat acceptable review.

The book has a nice concept but how it was put into writing is not that good. If you plan to read this book, keep your expectations low.