Review: Nothing Sweeter by Laura Drake

Nothing Sweeter by Laura Drake
Series:   Sweet on a Cowboy  (# 2)
Release Date:  January 28, 2014
Publisher:  Forever Romance
Pages:  320
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



A Love as Wild as the West…

Aubrey Madison is starting over. Leaving Los Angeles and everything behind except the scars of her ruined past, Bree sets out for cowboy country. Now she has a new home, a new job—and a new worry: the ruggedly sexy rancher who makes her long for things she shouldn’t…

Rough and tumble cattleman Max Jameson has broken wild stallions and faced angry bulls. Yet the redheaded city cupcake who turned up at the High Heather Ranch might be his undoing. Bree has a plan to rescue the ranch from foreclosure that’s just crazy enough to work. But will Max gamble his future on a beautiful stranger?


Review:   This is book two in the Sweet on a Cowboy series but to me it is more a connected story. JB and his wife Charla who were front and center in book one, The Sweet Spot, which I read and loved were mentioned here but only had a small part in this story that was more in passing.

Nothing Sweeter had some hurting characters – Aubrey known as Bree had a raw deal in her past and while we know about it through the story as the details are revealed to us a little at a time, Max, her boss and partner in Total Bull, doesn’t have a clue. Max is struggling to keep his High Heather Ranch solvent and his gay brother, Wyatt, has left his lover behind in Boston to do his part since they both inherited the ranch from their dad.  Wyatt’s boyfriend, Juan, is mentioned throughout even though he is not with them in Colorado. There are many layers to each of the characters and it’s interesting to not only watch their relationships evolve and change but also how their interactions amongst themselves do. There is family and friends, ranch hands,  cowboys, horses, laughter and tears, failures and successes, along with romance and love, hot and steamy loving and many twists and turns to the storyline.

The descriptions of the ranch, the house, the rodeos and the training made me feel that I was there. Max’s housekeeper, Tia Nita, has pearls of wisdom for all and it’s interesting to see how she brings out Bree’s caring side. Fire Ant, the bull, had unusual characteristics but was willing to show everyone what he was made of when he was put to his paces and entered in competitions.  The chemistry between Max and Bree was combustible but they both tended to hold back .  There is an unexpected but hoped for happily ever after and some closure but an epilogue would have tied up all the loose ends.

There was an excerpt of book three in the series, Sweet on You, that I look forward to reading along with other books Drake pens in the future.

Favorite Quote:  It had been a long time – a really long time, since a man showed concern for her safety.  She’d never equated chivalry with sexy, but out here, under the stars, it turned her downright sinful.





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