Review: Monkey Business by Tymber Dalton

Monkey Business by Tymber Dalton
Series: Drunk Monkeys (# 1)
Release Date: June 23, 2014
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Pages: 209
Source: Book provided by the author for review



When you absolutely, positively have a world to save, you need to call in…the Drunk Monkeys.

Tango and Doc are part of the Drunk Monkeys elite special ops unit. They’ve been given a mission, to bring in a scientist who may have some answers and use reporter Celia Jorgens to find him. Unfortunately, it turns out shadow factions want them to fail, and the men no longer know who they can trust.

Now, it’s up to Celia and the Drunk Monkeys to go off-the-grid and commit a little monkey business of their own before time runs out for the human race.


Review:  Take one incredibly nosy reporter and put her on the trail of a huge story. When Celia Jorgens finds out about a virus that is sweeping the globe, she will do whatever it takes to chase down the leads….even if it means taking on a crew of hunky special operatives.

In the first installment of Tymber Dalton’s Drunk Monkeys series, the special ops group and the reporter are all that is standing between the world and imminent destruction.

There’s plenty of military drama and intrigue, some of which can be confusing if you are a casual reader. The ménage element is written well, adding a substantial amount of heat to the storyline.

While this is not the type of story I typically enjoy, it shows promise with the portion of the storyline dealing with a religious zealot seeking to capitalize on the chaos. I would score it high in terms of heat factor and hunky men, but it is missing whatever it needs in order for me to fully embrace the storyline.