Review: Maximum Adjustment by Lillian Mackenzie Rhine

Maximum Adjustment by Lillian Mackenzie Rhine
Series: Romance on the Go
Release Date: May 10, 2014
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Pages:   44
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Jus Trimbel is having a bad day. Correction…Jus Trimbel is having the week from Hell. Not only is he gaining a new boss, Maxim Waterstone, who is beyond difficult but he also has to travel to Milan, Italy with him. That’s not the biggest issue of his day. Jus is ultimately attracted to the blue-eyed devil that is Maxim and he can’t shake his near obsession.

However, we all must remember every dark cloud has a silver lining and every vineyard can make pretty intoxicating wine. Confused…well check out Maximum Adjustment and fall in love.


Review:  Maximum Adjustment by Lillian Mackenzie Rhine is part of the Romance on the Go series. The Romance on the Go are a series of short stories by different authors that are meant to be read either while in a waiting room, on the bus or during breaks.

Jus Trimbel is executive assistant to the Vice President of the scouting division. He has a great educational background and seems frustrated that he can’t get a job in his chosen field. Jus comes across as a young man just getting started in life. He is single and looking.

Maxim Waterstone is the owner of the company that Jus works for. He is driven and focused man. I had a hard time understanding his up and down attitude. His personality seemed to swing by the minute.

While I enjoyed the story I felt like I was missing something. This short story, only 40 pages long felt more like the beginning of a novel or an outline of a story than a short story. The middle of the story was almost nonexistent and the ending was incomplete.   Also, Maxim falls in love with Jus after getting to know him, and while it happens in real life it did not feel authentic and comes across as more forced than anything.


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