Review: Masquerade by Lace Daltyn

Masquerade by Lace Daltyn
Series: Secrets (# 1)
Release Date: May 27, 2014
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Pages: 87
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



The world is full of secrets…

Drea Fortier, a reclusive philanthropist whose painful past influences her belief that there can be no happily ever after for her, reaches out to help others in the hope she can transform their pain and give them hope for the future. Drea’s own story, as well as that of her assistant, Michael Smith, is slowly revealed throughout the Secrets series.

Book One: Masquerade

Frigid bitch. The words seep into Beth Ritmour’s soul, no matter how hard she tries to deny them. A year after her divorce, they still haunt her. So when a mysterious benefactor offers a solution to her problem, Beth takes a vacation from her job as a dental hygienist and follows a cryptic note to Chicago, where she’s soon ensconced as a waitress at Club Masquerade. Although how she’s going to prove she’s not frigid is hard to figure out when the boss makes it very clear that sex, or any precursors to sex, with patrons or employees is strictly taboo. It’s not an easy rule to follow, especially when one deliciously hot bartender keeps very, very close tabs on her.


Review:  Masquerade is the first book in the Secrets series by Lace Daltyn. I chose this book because I have not read this author before and the blurb about the story stuck with me.

Drea Fortier and her assistant Michael Smith work to pair people together and help create a better life for them. Drea is broken inside by something or someone in her past and Michael wants to help her but Drea is not ready yet.

Beth Ritmour is looking for a change. A year after her divorce her ex’s parting comments still stick with her. She is having a hard time getting past his comments and when she sees an article, she submits an entry.

Anthony is working as a bartender in the same club Beth is working as a waitress. Anthony is attracted to Beth right from the start.   But its funny how he knows her name before she tell him.

I read this book in one sitting, and I had a hard time putting this book down. I loved the two different story lines and liked that they did not compete with each other. This book is like a book within a book. The main and secondary characters were appealing and realistic. I loved the ending of Beth and Anthony’s story, and all the pieces of the puzzle seem to fall in place.   Overall, this was a great book. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.



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