Review: Kaine’s Redemption by Jan Bowles

Kaine’s Redemption by Jan Bowles
Series: The Billionaires and Their Playgrounds (# 1)
Release Date: May 30, 2013
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Pages: 162
Source: book provided by the author for review



Dynamic and charismatic, forty-year-old businessman Kaine Deville, always gets his way. Self-reliant and self-absorbed, he’s certainly ruthless, especially when it comes to satisfying his voracious sexual appetite. Far away from prying eyes, his private island in the Caribbean is just the place to indulge his hedonistic fantasies.

When he meets Jessica Morris, a twenty nine-year-old Cornish schoolteacher, and aspiring artist, his interest is aroused. Her undeniable artistic talent may seduce and beguile him, but it’s the froth of bright red curls, framing her beautiful elfin face that makes him want to claim this lady all for himself.

Invited to immortalize his island paradise with oils and watercolors, Jessica is instantly attracted to the devilishly handsome billionaire. His captivating charm, mixed with a sexy hint of menace, leaves her unable to resist the potent chemistry developing between them.

Will Jessica be able to stand her ground against Kaine’s all-conquering personality?


Review: If anyone that reads this review has ever read a Jan Bowles book, you know that her men are usually arrogant and have voracious appetites in the bedroom. Right? Right. This is a different take on the usual Jan Bowles book and I have to say, that I liked the growth that Kaine’s character went through in this book. Don’t worry, there is still elements of BDSM, just a different take on it. It’s a refreshing change. I wonder, is she changing her style of writing? I have to say, that I like what she’s done so far.

Now, that’s not to say that Kaine wasn’t arrogant and aggressive and had a huge appetite for sex. I will say that for a man in the BDSM scene, he was surprisingly gentile and more considerate than most of her characters. I really liked that. He was a macho man and had past hurts that he needed to attend to and keep in the past, but he was surprisingly self aware and was a keen observer of those around him. I feel that sometimes her male characters can be so macho and dominating, that they can turn me off and I don’t want to cheer for him. Kaine was a bit dominant, but he redeemed himself in my eyes toward the end of the book. He stayed true to who he is, but he learned that he needs to think of others besides himself and that made him likable for me.

Jessica was a strong character. She wasn’t overcome with desire for Kaine when she first met him and was very much into her art and teaching and living her life on her terms. She was uncertain of her talents and had moments of self doubt and I liked that about her because it made her real and flawed and more likable. She has moments within the book that made my heart break for her, but it just made me want to root for her and cheer her on.

The secondary characters were brief, but they added to the story and I’m hoping that eventually they will get their story as well and get a chance to burn the pages with their intended mate. It’s something to look forward to.