Review: Hope Heals by Tymber Dalton

Hope Heals by Tymber Dalton
Release Date: October 21, 2013
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Pages: 205
Source: Book provided by author for review



Sarah’s world shatters when her husband is killed in the wreck that injures her young son, Jason. Worse, Sarah discovers painful betrayals that make remaining in New York City with her hateful mother-in-law impossible. Moving home to Florida to live with her widowed father is their only option.


Review:  Reeling from tragedy, Sarah heads back to her childhood home with her son. There, she tries to make sense of life amid the loving arms of family, friends and some rather stubborn animals.

Hope Heals by Tymber Dalton is a story about new beginnings. Cousins Peter and Sam Hope are drawn to Sarah, but they know she needs time to heal. When the drama unfolds involving her mother-in-law, the two men jump to her defense.

Although it appeared that Sarah was a rather timid young woman in the beginning of the story, it didn’t take too many confrontations to illustrate how capable she really was of holding her own.

The author did an excellent job setting the stage for a classic romance, but she added an extra dimension by including the ménage factor. It was woven well into the storyline and didn’t overshadow it. While there was an abundance of sarcasm and humor, the overall storyline didn’t quite appeal to me.