Review: Her Tattooed Fighter by Jenika Snow

Her Tattooed Fighter by Jenika Snow
Series: The Fighters of Absinthe (# 2)
Release Date: December 2, 2013
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Pages: 89
Source: Book provided by the publisher for review



There’s fighting, and then there’s bare-knuckle, hold nothing back fighting…

Sunny McGrieve has lived around fighters her whole life. With her dad training ruthless men who excel in MMA and fight in the underground circuit, she is no stranger to violence. But her father has warned her about that breed of male, and that means the man she wants, London Stein, is out of the question.

London enjoys women like he does his fights: hard and fast, and with no regrets. Then there is Sunny, the girl he wants but can’t have. When he finally has her, London knows that he has no intention of letting her go. But her dad and Mack, the big Russian that sees her as a little sister, aren’t his only problem, not when he has been challenged by a no rules fighter, “The Lion”.


Review:  He’s a bad boy fighter covered with tattoos with a reputation for running through women like water. She’s the beloved daughter of his trainer, a good girl who knows better than to get involved with a fighter, but is drawn to him like a bee is to honey. And when they get together, it is absolutely, positively HOT (in all capital letters).

Author Jenika Snow once again turns up the heat in the second installment of The Fighters of Absinthe series. Maybe it is a natural response to the storyline, but there is just something about these MMA/underground circuit fighters that kick start the engine. While the story itself isn’t incredibly long and may lack the development of a full-blown novel, the heat level is strong enough to push it into the upper review tier.

The draw of the story is more about how it is told in comparison to the actual storyline itself. What sets it apart is the high intensity of the erotic element, crafted to completely captivate the reader.

There’s plenty of room for additional stories in the series, particularly with the sneak peaks we get of some of the characters. I’m on board for this series and ready to see what is next.