Review: Dreams of Gold by Linda Carroll-Bradd

Dreams of Gold by Linda Carroll-Bradd
Series:   Lawmen & Outlaws
Release Date: January 23, 2013
Publisher:  The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
Pages: 80
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Easterner Ciara Morrissey travels west to honor a sacred promise to her mother and locate her fortune-seeking father. Three years of acting as caretaker to her grandparents and mother until their deaths has created a thirst in Ciara to see what the wide world has to offer.

Sheriff Quinn Riley has been tracking the Irish charlatan who swindled half the population of Bull City, Wyoming. He’s determined to stick close to the opinionated woman who arrived on the runaway stagecoach. Within only a few hours, she’s got the town in an uproar by making inquires about his prime suspect. He’s duty-bound to keep her safe, even when being close to the green-eyed beauty sets off a stampede in his heart.


Review:  At 80 pages this was a quick reading western novella set in the Wyoming Territory in the late 1800’s, but didn’t give me the depth of storyline or characters that I thought were warranted.  The premise was there, a woman from back East looking for her long lost father along with an alpha lawman, lots of adventure, heartache, arguments, tears, hurts, injuries, laughter, family, townspeople, caring and love.  But the characters weren’t fully developed – Ciara had so many sides to her that were only touched upon lightly – and the storyline had lots of promise but didn’t deliver the details that would have enriched the story – Quinn’s relationship with his parents, Ciara’s hopes and reasons for looking for her dad and was there really a reunion in the offing?

There was some closure with an anticipated happily ever after and the mystery of Shamus Mulcahy being solved.  Was the wrong man arrested and if so, what does that mean to Ciara?  The epilogue was nice but didn’t go far enough.  I liked Quinn’s nickname for Ciara, my wild Irish rose, since she was on the wild side especially for the time when the book is set.

I have not read books by this author before but am willing to give her other books a try hoping that they are longer with more depth and better closure.

Favorite Quote:  “I was also told a woman’s opinion should match her husband’s views.  The insinuation here is that if a woman isn’t married, she doesn’t have an opinion.  A fact that is definitely not true about me.  How about for you unmarried ladies?”