Review: Close to Home by Lisa Jackson

Close to Home by Lisa Jackson
Release Date: August 26, 2014
Publisher: Kensington Books
Pages: 432
Source: Book provided by publisher for review



Vowing to make a fresh start, Sarah McAdams has come home to renovate the old Victorian mansion where she grew up. Her daughters, Jade and Gracie, aren’t impressed by the rundown property on the shores of Oregon’s wild Columbia River. As soon as they pull up the isolated drive, Sarah too is beset by uneasy memories–of her cold, distant mother, of the half-sister who vanished without a trace, and of a long-ago night when Sarah was found on the widow’s walk, feverish and delirious.

Ever since the original mistress of the house plunged to her death almost a century ago, there have been rumors that the place is haunted.

But there’s a new, more urgent menace in the small town. One by one, teenage girls are disappearing. Frantic for her daughters’ safety, Sarah feels her veneer cracking and the house’s walls closing in on her again. Somewhere deep in her memory is the key to a very real and terrifying danger. And only by confronting her worst fears can she stop the nightmare roaring back to life once more. . .


Review:  Whether you believe in ghosts or not, some secrets are simply not meant to remain hidden.

Author Lisa Jackson delivers another nail-biting thriller in Close to Home. Sarah and her daughters are returning to their ancestral home, Blue Peacock Manor, to restore it to its former glory. Danger is lurking, though, with young women in the area disappearing.

Add in plenty of secrets, voices in the night and a statue that moves by itself and you have the recipe for a suspenseful read. From beginning to end, the storyline will keep you guessing.

In true Lisa Jackson form, this story actually has multiple threads that are woven together in a climatic finish. There’s also plenty of room to kindle an old romance.

If things that go bump in the night unsettle you, this might be better as a daytime read. Packed with plenty of drama, as well as a renewed love connection, this is yet another book destined for the keeper shelf.