Review: Believe In Me by Lana Williams

Believe In Me by Lana Williams
Series: The Vengeance Trilogy (# 3)
Release Date:  January 6, 2014
Publisher: Lana Williams
Pages:  317
Source: book provided by the author for review



Medieval Romance. A knight determined to honor his vow. A lady set on vengeance. Only love stood in their way.

Lady Cristiana’s plan to seek revenge against her mother’s murderer is cut short when a world-weary knight arrives to escort her to her new guardian, a powerful bishop. Cristiana refuses to become a ward of the bishop whom she suspects was involved in her mother’s death, but the knight leaves her no choice.

Sir William de Bremont hopes to earn a second chance at the life he was given but believes he doesn’t deserve. Serving the bishop seems the perfect solution, except Lady Cristiana thwarts him at every turn, captivating him body and soul.

Cristiana has the unique ability to heal the sick through her touch. Accustomed to hiding her gift, the wall she’s built to protect herself crumbles under William’s passionate regard. Honor-bound to deliver her despite her protests and his own doubts, William reluctantly fulfills his vow only to realize the depth of his mistake.

As William and Cristiana’s love grows, they realize the bishop plans to use her ability to fulfill his own destiny with little concern for the life of others, including Cristiana’s. The bishop’s treachery comes to light, forcing Cristiana to choose between revenge or the love of a lifetime.


Review:   This was my favorite of the three books in The Vengeance Series by Lana Williams.   In book two, we met William, who was on the brink of death.  This is the continuation of his story.

Christiana is dead-set on seeking vengeance on her mother’s killer.  When she is told that she has a new guardian and it is the very person her mother told her to stay away from, Christiana is determined to escape.  William is the man who is sent to get her and deliver her to the Bishop, who knows about the special gift Christiana has and plans to exploit it.  The longer she is in the Bishop’s household, the more they learn about just how horrible of a man he is.  William vows to get Christiana away from him but will she give up her revenge?

William and Cristiana are my favorite characters in all of the Vengeance books.   Their chemistry is amazing.  From the first few pages, you know that this romance is going to be epic.  The subject is unique and the story flows so well that I finished this book in one night.  I couldn’t put it down.  I had to know if Christiana was going to leave with William and if they were going to live happily every after.

I love the humor that Lana Williams added to this story.  William has a great sense of humor and Christiana’s attempts to get away kept me giggling.

I am sad to see this series end but look forward to future books from Lana Williams.