Review: Bear Hugs by Margaret L. Carter

Bear Hugs by Margaret L. Carter
Release Date: September 11, 2013
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Twilight
Pages: 70
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



When Terri met Beorn—the only man she’s ever known who is tall and broad enough to make her feel delicate—at last year’s Renaissance Faire, she thought they had the beginnings of a relationship.

Though he promised to keep in touch, he vanished from her life at the end of the Faire season. With the start of the new season his house hob shows up with an invitation to Beorn’s home—located in the middle of a forest where it can’t possibly exist. He claims to be under a curse he can break only by making someone happy. Since there’s nobody else he would rather bestow happiness on, he does his ravishing best to fulfill Terri’s most passionate desires. But there’s a difference between pleasure and happiness. And Beorn’s time is running out.


Review: I really wanted to read this book because I loved the title and the blurb.

Terri meet Beorn last year at the Renaissance Faire where she works every year. He always said he would be back but he never comes. She remembers him but she puts him to the back of her mind. Everything changes when his house hob Brokk comes and tells her that Beorn wants to see her. She goes with him and he all of a sudden brings out a glowing wand and she notices that the forest changes but doesn’t say anything. When she see’s Beorn again she knows something is different because he keeps saying that he wants to make her happy. She wants to to leave and he tells her that she can after she stays the weekend.

The book started and I liked it but as I read a little more it started to lose my attention. I wanted more out of the book then I was getting and that feeling that you get when you are reading a great book, well I wasn’t getting that feeling. I love shifter books and were bears has really started growing on me. Terri never really got why she couldn’t leave the forest and always ended back at Beorn’s house until the ending of the book. I understand keeping secrets about who you are but to keep it away until the end wasn’t what I would do.

Now this is just my thoughts and view. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t read it. There were some things in the book that I liked but there were some things I didn’t like. I have read several books by this author and this is the only one that I didn’t like all that much. Now the book did have a great ending. So if this looks like a book you would like to read then give it a try.