Review: Alison’s Story by Diane Thorne

Alison’s Story by Diane Thorne
Series: Sisters of Lonewood (# 5)
Release Date: March 5, 2013
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Pages: 44
Source: Book provided by the publisher for review



Alison longs for a chance to have a threesome with two sexy and courageous men. Tony and Ben suit her fantasy, but they will soon be cops. They’re not the typical kind of men she dates, but even good guys can play naughty.

After her dream comes true, she finds herself needing more of her two lovers. And they desire more of her. Happiness lasts until one of her admirers shows up and causes trouble. Alison will have to act fast if she wants to save her relationship with Tony and Ben, and their careers.


Review:  She’s always gone for the bad boy — the one who is almost guaranteed to leave her with a broken heart. This time around, Alison finds herself attracted to two police officer recruits.

In Alison’s Story, author Diane Thorne blends plenty of heat as Tony and Ben show Alison that the most fun comes in pairs. The storyline comes with an element of danger, which means the reader gets a front row seat as the two heroes show off their protective qualities.

Although it is a short read, it kept me interested. Since it appears as if each sister gets her own story, I definitely want to know what has happened to the other four sisters.

Alison is depicted as a spunky female character with a fun sense of humor. Pair her with two dynamic soon-to-be cops and the connection is solid.