Review: A Cottage Christmas by EmmaLee McCrickett

A Cottage Christmas by EmmaLee McCrickett
Release Date: July 23, 2013
Publisher:  The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
Pages: 67
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



An imaginary fiance and an ill-fitting engagement ring. Dangerous cliff-side sleigh rides and gingerbread houses. An unexpected guest who refused to marry her.

When Cornelia Quinn returns home from her first term at Smith College nothing is as she expects. After their mansion is damaged in a fire, the Quinns move their Yuletide celebrations to their Newport “cottage.” But that’s not the only surprise–Geoffrey Ford, whom Cornelia was meant to marry until that awful day last summer, will be joining them.

But Cornelia can’t allow herself to be distracted by petty things like Geoffrey. She has come home for more than the holidays–she’s running out of tuition money and she can only get it by claiming the inheritance Grandmother Elisabeth left her, but she’ll have to be engaged before the solicitors will pay out.


Review:  At only 67 pages this was a holiday romance novella and was easy to read in one sitting.  There were a lot of references to the Quinn family’s life in New York and also in Rhode Island where the story takes place – Newport to be exact where all the mansions of the rich are located although they are called cottages here.  The book takes place in the early 1900’s when a female attending college is rare but Cornelia has her heart set on going and that’s when her troubles begin.

Cornelia and Geoffrey were expected to get married since they were young but miscommunication sent them in different directions and though their paths kept crossing they still weren’t listening to each other – especially Cornelia/Nellie/Nel.  While Geoffrey always seemed to have Nel’s well being and care always in the forefront of his thoughts Nel tended to always jump to the wrong conclusion and wouldn’t listen to what anyone had to say since she had her own agenda to accomplish.

There was laughter, anger, decorum, misunderstandings galore, matchmaking, lots of snow, family, friends and ultimately truth and love.  The descriptions were vivid of the snow, the sleigh rides, the decorating, and  the Sea Room as well as the feelings and emotions felt by Cornelia’s parents and siblings as well as her and Geoffrey. There was a happily ever after in the offing but a few more chapters or epilogue would have given the story better closure.

McCrickett is a new author and I look forward to reading other books she writes.

Favorite Quote: “Shh,” he breathed against her ear.  “We’ve said enough, and we still didn’t get anywhere.  Words are too ambiguous.  You didn’t know I loved you.  Now I’m simply going to show you, so you can be sure.”