Product Review: Apple iPhone, iPod, iPhone Charger

6.5 ft USB Data Sync & Charge Cables 30-Pin
Manufacturer: Airtight Cellular
Weight / Size: 6 x 0.2 x 4 inches, 1.6 ounces
Source: Product provided by the manufacturer for review

Airtight Cellular USB 30 pin Data and Sync cables are made specifically for your devices. These are designed EXTRA long (6.5 feet or 2 meters) for your convenience – No more leaning towards the outlet when charging.

It provides efficient syncing and fast charging. Cables comes in 3 vibrant colors – green, purple, pink and are fully compatible with iPhone 4s 4 3gs, iPad 1 2 3, iPod Touch 1 2 4.


Review:  Upon opening the package I was immediately smitten by the bright colors. This might not be a big deal really but they were just so much more fun than the white cord that came with my iPhone 4s. I received a package of three to try out – one each in hot pink, bright green, and vivid purple. I use one at my sofa, one by my bed (for when I don’t have enough charge left for reading at night) and I took one to work.

I was thrilled to test these chargers simply because they are not the typical 3-foot long cords that come standard with phones. I’ve looked into purchasing longer cords but have never taken the $30-40 plunge. And let’s be honest – who sits right next to an electrical outlet? Those standard cords might be fine for the kitchen counter and overnight charging but most outlets are low to the ground and even reaching a desk can be a strain.

WP_20140803_15_31_24_ProOne detail I was very pleased to discover was the speed of charging was much faster than with my old iPhone cord. Maybe it’s because my old cord has worn and is beginning to fray (this cord is sturdy – much thicker than standard iPhone charger) but I’m delighted that my phone is charging in half the time now. This is something I’m finding on each of the three chargers so it appears to be consistent. I use my iPhone erratically – some days barely at all, other days I run through the battery in mere hours.

As I said above, I use my iPhone to read in bed and when the charge is low, the cord just doesn’t reach. This charger, however, has plenty of play and makes me wish I had purchased it earlier. I highly recommend this charger if you need a replacement or backup charger, a longer cord, or if you just want fun colors.