Annviersary Interview & Contest: Lauren Blakely


Jen: We’re halfway through BDSM week and today we are excited to welcome Lauren Blakely to Romancing the Book. Lauren, will you share a short bio with us?
Lauren: Lauren Blakely writes sexy contemporary romance novels with heat, heart, and humor, and her books have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iBooks bestseller lists. Like the heroine in her novel, FAR TOO TEMPTING, she thinks life should be filled with family, laughter, and the kind of love that love songs promise. Lauren lives in California with her husband, children, and dogs. She loves hearing from readers! Her novels include Caught Up In Us, Pretending He’s Mine, Playing With Her Heart, Trophy Husband, Far Too Tempting, The Thrill of It, Every Second With You, Burn For Me, Night After Night, After This Night and One More Night. In late summer, she’ll release Melt for Him, the next book in her sexy fireman series, and in October she’ll release Stars In Their Eyes, the next book in the bestselling Caught Up in Love series.

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Jen: Please tell us about your newest release and where the idea came from.
Lauren: My next release is MELT FOR HIM, coming out on September 8. It’s a sexy fireman romance, and the idea, quite simply, came from my love of firemen. We live near a fire station, I see them out and about a lot, and not only do I admire the work of firefighters, I also am a card-carrying member of that group of women who think fireman are insanely sexy! So I wanted to write a fireman romance.

Jen: Harley and Trey vs. Julia and Clay. Who haunts your dreams?
Lauren: I love them both but for different reasons. Clay, though, haunts my dreams.

Jen: Prequels vs. sequels. What is your fave?
Lauren: I love prequels as they hook me into a story!

Jen: What is on your TBR list?
Lauren: Bella Andre’s FROM THIS MOMENT ON is up next. I love her Sullivan series, and have been reading them out of order, but I’m still so excited for that book.

Jen: What is the most challenging scene you’ve had to write?
Lauren: Usually, it’s the first scene in any book where the couple is first introduced on the page. I’m big into banter and dialogue and I want their conversations to be fresh and unique to each couple.

Jen: What is one thing you simply can’t do without?
Lauren: My family, my dogs and green tea.

Jen: Happy endings or cliff hangers?
Lauren: Happy endings. ALWAYS. The bigger and bolder the better.

Jen: How do you know when you’ve found the right ingredients for a story?
Lauren: When I fall in love with the characters and can’t wait to return to them each day.

Jen: How do you keep Lauren Blakely and your alter ego Daisy Whitney separate?
Lauren: Lauren is much more active online because the romance readers are more active online, so it’s relatively easy. Truth be told, I’m mostly online as Lauren these days. Lauren’s world is so much fun!

Jen: Favorite love song?
Lauren: So many!!! A few of my favorites are Overjoyed by Matchbox Twenty, Still by Matt Nathanson and Falling Slowly from Once.

Jen: What is the most memorable reader feedback you’ve received?
Lauren: Probably the first time a reader emailed me and told me she and her hubby had great sex after reading one of my books 🙂

Jen: Tears vs. laughter – which scene is easier to write?
Lauren: Comedy is harder. Always.

Jen: Writer you would most like to collaborate with?
Lauren: Stephanie Perkins or Samanthe Beck

Jen: What’s next for you?
Lauren: After MELT FOR HIM, I’ll be returning to the CAUGHT UP IN LOVE series with a new installment, called STARS IN THEIR EYES, that releases Oct. 7 and can be read as a standalone. I’m so excited for that as it’s a fun, romantic, swoony and mysterious new adult story set in the world of Hollywood, but from the outside looking in, as the heroine in a celebrity photographer. Then in Nov I’ll release a standalone novel in my Seductive Nights erotic romance series called NIGHTS WITH HIM and the hero in that story is a sex toy mogul.

Here’s a teaser from STARS IN THEIR EYES:

I leaned in, brushed my lips against his, and took him by surprise. He was startled momentarily, and didn’t respond for about a fraction of a second. Then, he kissed back. It was a tentative kiss at first, his lips soft as he slanted his mouth against mine. A starter kiss on the boardwalk while the sun fell in the sky, its lingering rays warming me. He gently placed a hand on my cheek, exploring my mouth more, running the tip of his tongue across my lips, then deepening the kiss in a way that made me very nearly forget where I was. I shuddered and tingles raced from my stomach to the tips of my fingers, lighting up my insides. The kiss radiated throughout me, dizzying and delicious and a promise of so much more. It was the kind of kiss that took over your brain. That made you believe in possibilities, in perfect chemistry.

This kiss was the sun warming me, it was cool ocean waves lapping at the shore, it was the song you wanted to blast in the car.
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  1. erinf1 says:

    lol… Aliens… whenever that movie is on, I stop what I’m doing to watch at least for a little and then it’s While You Were Sleeping. So I’m all over the board. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Irma Jurejevčič says:

    My favourite movie is Braveheart. I like such movies. There’s a little bit for everyone. Romance, killing, laughing, dying,… I like Mel Gibson and I like scottish men (in kilts)… 🙂 I love reading historical romances and this is the main reason why I like this movie so much!

  3. laurie g says:

    my favorite movie is harry potter and the socerers stone. it has a certain charm to it and i love the idea of being magical and having your own world to explore

  4. Amy W. says:

    An Officer and a Gentleman stands out as a favorite. Very compelling love story with plenty of angst.

  5. Jen B. says:

    I have seen Die Hard around 25 times so I must really like it. Recently I added The Lego Movie to my list of favorites.

  6. Johnnie-Marie Howard says:

    Wow is that one a hard one… me and my husband are totally and completely movie junkies!!!! I’d have to say right now it’s The Mortal Instruments..but ask me in a few months and that could change lol as their are always great movies…ok but my all time favorite old old movie that doesn’t change is Gone With The Wind … I love me some Red!!!

  7. Heather says:

    Alice in Wonderland is not only my favorite book, but also my favorite movie. I loved seeing all of the characters and the amazing land come to life. I’m a huge fan of Tim Burton.

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