Anniversary Top 5 List & Contest: Shoshanna Evers


Shoshanna Evers’s Top Five Sexy Doms in Erotic Romance…

5. Gideon Cross

Bared to You by Sylvia Day. That tortured soul, that commanding voice… yes, please!

4. Christian Grey

50 Shades of Grey by E.L. James. Yes, sometimes he’s stalker-y, but this is fiction, after all. When he struts around the Red Room, I’m all his. For some readers, 50 Shades of Grey was their first time reading BDSM erotica, and it opened up a whole new world of books to so many women! Personally, I’ve been reading BDSM erotica since I picked up The Story of O and the Sleeping Beauty Series (Anne Rice) at age 13, and my first BDSM erotic romance was published in 2010 — so when this trilogy came out, I was super excited to see our genre going mainstream!! I will always be grateful to E.L. James for bringing my favorite subgenre into the light.

3. Roman Chase

The Enslaved Trilogy by Shoshanna Evers. Obviously I’m obsessed with him, because I wrote him. Roman is my favorite of the BAD Boys. It was lots of fun to torture him… and then see what he’d do in response. For me, he’s a pure fantasy Dom, one that might be hard to live with because he’s so in control, and demands total 24/7 submission. But the pleasure (and pain) he gives in return… hmmm…

2. Søren

The Original Sinners Series by Tiffany Reisz. Something about the fact that he’s a loving yet sadistic priest is really hot. He gets off on inflicting pain, and fortunately for him, Nora gets off on taking it.

1. The Marquis de Sade

I don’t know if I can call him sexy, or even say that his books are romances (more like hard-core erotica mixed with philosophy). But as the real-life Dom and author who is the namesake for “sadism,” and is the S in BDSM, I feel like I really need to give him credit. Without the Marquis de Sade and his controversial writing, we might not even be enjoying BDSM fiction and sexy Doms in erotic romance today.


Want a taste of Roman, #3 on my list of Top Sexy Doms?

He plays a major role in Enslaved, Book 1 …and he’s got Enraptured, Book 3, all to himself.

Enslaved, Book One in the Enslaved Trilogy, from Simon & Schuster’s Pocket Star imprint, is available now at AmazonBarnes & NobleKoboiTunes

Here’s the blurb…and below that, an excerpt you won’t find in the sample pages!

From a red-hot erotica writer comes an original eBook—a sensual romp across the playgrounds of the unbelievably rich and extremely sexy.

Elisabeth Anderson has seen Trevor and his friends at the infamous Manhattan BDSM club WhipperSnapper, where everyone calls them the BAD Boys, for “Billionaire Arrogant Doms.” The BAD Boys—Trevor Brooks, Marc Wilde, and Roman Chase—are aptly named; they’ve made money hand over fist due to their aggressive investing at the Brooks Wilde Chase Fund. These guys are so rich they can get away with anything, or so the rumors go.

Trevor gives Elisabeth full reign of his estate in Westchester, letting her do as she pleases. He has only two rules. Rule One: she must obey and submit to him while she is living in his house. Rule Two: always answer the blue cell phone. She’s happy to oblige, because being with Trevor makes her want to obey, to love him the way he seems to be falling for her. But Elisabeth’s never been good at being the quiet sub; she’s feisty and gets off on the punishments more than she does by pleasing Trevor.

Elizabeth can’t submit to Trevor the way he needs her to, so his friend and business partner (and fellow BAD Boy) Roman takes her in hand. But love triangles can have sharp edges…and somebody’s bound to get hurt.


An excerpt from Enslaved, Book One in the Enslaved Trilogy
Copyright 2012 Shoshanna Evers
Simon & Schuster Pocket Star, All Rights Reserved

Elisabeth unlocked the door and went to the bed, kneeling. She remained as motionless as possible, her eyes shut, to give Trevor the chance to see her before she saw him.

What was going to happen? To spend one evening getting flogged in public was one thing, but to be alone in a bedroom with a Dom she’d met once before was another.

The door didn’t squeak on its hinges as it opened, but she heard it quietly latch shut. And a click as the lock turned in place.

She trusted Gregory, and Gregory said to trust Trevor. Which is why she shouldn’t be so frightened suddenly. Weren’t they just bantering on the blue cell phone not a moment before?

Yes. She could trust Trevor.

She must—at this point, there was no going back. Or was there?

So now she was alone now with him. With Trevor.

Elisabeth could sense he was quite close to her, despite being unable to see him, her eyes still shut. A whiff of expensive cologne that reminded her of something—someone?—and then the heat of his hand on her chilled face.

She whimpered, scared now.

She didn’t know this man. What he was into. What he’d do to her, or make her do to him. Men had some kinky tastes, that she did know.

“Are you okay doing this?” he asked. “Do I have your consent?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Open your eyes, Elisabeth. Look at me.”

She obeyed, and saw he’d dimmed the lighting, casting the guest bedroom in shadow, though still softly lit. Sconces on the walls threw golden highlights across the mahogany furniture.

“You look frightened,” Trevor whispered. “Were you scared I was going to slap you?”

Why would such a gorgeous man want her, when he could have anyone? His dark hair, neatly trimmed, contrasted sharply with green eyes the color of the emerald ring her mother had given her before she passed. Of course, that emerald was of poor quality, cloudy with flecks of—

“You need to answer me when I ask you a direct question,” Trevor prompted.

Well, then. Let the games begin.

“I forgot the question,” she lied, and gave him what Gregory always called her “brat face,” but that she preferred to think of as a cheeky grin.

“Then I imagine you’re not too frightened to continue.”

Elisabeth laughed. Trevor was totally different from Gregory. From the flogging he’d given her at the club it was clear he knew what he was doing. So what did he need her for? Certainly not to practice on.

“Keep laughing, princess.”

She promptly shut her mouth, her gaze flickering involuntarily over to the large duffel bag on the low dresser across the room. He’d brought it in with him.

“I don’t like to slap faces, but I will make it difficult for you to sleep comfortably tonight.”

“Sorry, sir,” she replied, as nonchalantly as possible, hoping to make it clear she wasn’t sorry. Her nerves continued their skitter jangle, but now she was in her element. She knew how to force a man to earn her respect.

Technically she was supposed to submit to and respect him automatically because Gregory had ordered her to, but that’s not how it worked for her. Never had.

“No you’re not,” he said.

“I’m not,” she agreed. “I’m a f*cking masochist. A pain-slut, remember? Do your worst.”

Trevor reached out casually and grabbed her by her hair, twisting the black strands in his fingers until she felt the sting on her scalp. “As you wish.”



Read the entire Enslaved Trilogy

ENSLAVED, Book 1 in the Enslaved Trilogy:  AmazonBarnes & NobleKoboiTunes
ENAMORED, Book 2 in the Enslaved Trilogy:  AmazonBarnes & NobleKobo and iTunes

ENRAPTURED, Book 3 in the Enslaved Trilogy:  AmazonBarnes & NobleKoboiTunes


The Enslaved Trilogy is available in audiobook as well. You can get the audiobooks individually or as a complete set.


Author Bio:

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Shoshanna Evers has written dozens of sexy stories. She is best known for The Enslaved Trilogy, The Tycoon’s Convenient Bride…and Baby, Overheated, and How to Write Hot Sex. Evers is also the cofounder of, the largest selection of premade book covers in the world. Reviewers have called Shoshanna’s writing “sensuous, delightful, and sizzling” with stories where “the plot is fresh and the pacing excellent, the emotions…real and poignant.” Shoshanna used to work as a syndicated advice columnist and a registered nurse, but now she’s a full-time romance writer and a home-schooling mom. She lives with her family and three big dogs in Northern Idaho, and loves to connect with readers!

 Website | Facebook | Twitter


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  1. erinf1 says:

    I’d include any of the Doms from Cherise Sinclair’s Shadowland Club series 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Stephanie F. says:

    Completely agree with all your Doms, I would also add Master Z from Cherise Sinclair, Simon from Lexi Blake and Lucian from Dom Wars.

  3. Marina Marinova says:

    I would include any of the Doms from Shadowland Club by Cherise Sinclair and probably Q from Monsters in the Dark by Pepper Winters. Yes, he is quite tortured and sadistic but I think he is quite sexy 😉

  4. Linda says:

    Oh anyone of Cherise Sinclair´s Doms of Dark Haven *swoooons* Q is also a great one, but the books aren´t as fluffy as my usual reads LOL Joey W Hill is fun as well, I´ve heard great things about Kallypso Masters and Tymber Dalton too.
    Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Wednesday!

  5. Angela says:

    I just started reading/listening to Ms. Evers’ books, so I’m not familiar with anybody except ‘Mason’ from The Pulse. Hopefully, I’ll have more of an idea in the next few months 😉

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