Anniversary Spotlight & Contest: Bonnie Vanak

Bonnie Vanak


It’s the last day of paranormal week and we’re pleased to present Bonnie Vanak to our readers.  Sit back and enjoy this look into Bonnie’s newest release.

BONNIENICARAGUABonnie Vanak is the New York Times bestselling author of paranormal werewolf romances. A former newspaper reporter who became a writer for a major international charity, she travels to destitute countries to write about issues affecting the poor. Her books take readers from the mysterious, dark alleys of New Orleans to the sweeping plains of Montana. Currently she is living the life of a hybrid author, writing books for Harlequin and self-publishing her sexy Werewolves of Montana series. Visit her Web site at Or visit her Facebook page at


Welcome to the sensual world of the Lupine, where the burning drive to mate claims all…

Ten years ago, Darius Bryant fell in love and lost his mate before they consummated their union. He mourned her death and moved on, but innocent, carefree Samantha always possessed his heart, no matter how many women he had in his bed. When the sexy werewolf shifter discovers Samantha is alive, he becomes determined to claim her as his forever mate. He must convince the now-cynical Samantha that her heart, body and soul belong to him.

Samantha Evers spent years waiting for Darius to return, and thought he’d forgotten his promise to make her his own. She’s vowed to live as a human, for she fears the sexual savagery of the wolf life. Now Darius is back and the only act that will seal them together is the intense sexual bonding of the mating rite. She will fight hard to resist Darius’ sensual allure and his tender words of passion. But a far greater problem awaits them both when they discover someone wants Samantha out of Darius’ life for good, and will stop at nothing until she is dead…


(copyright 2014 by Bonnie Vanak)

At precisely 7 p.m. a woman walked into the hotel and hesitated at the top of the stairs. The tantalizing scent of freesia and crisp snow teased his Lupine senses. Mesmerized by the vision of ethereal beauty, Darius stared. Dressed in a green floral dress, clutching a big black designer bag, she wore pink strappy heels that accented legs that, whoa, went on forever.

Gone were the coltish lines of youth, replaced with a mature female form. Masses of shining hair the color of corn silk spilled down her backside. She was voluptuous, with generous breasts, wide hips and a slight curve to her belly. She had grown up and filled out quite nicely. But the flushed cheeks, full rosebud mouth and big violet eyes remained the same.

It was Sam, his mate.

He’d wanted her for 10 years. No one but Sam could satisfy him. Every other woman paled in comparison. Darius felt as if he’d been handed his life back.

He set down the wineglass, unable to drag his gaze away. Ten years spent mourning her loss. Ten years spent with other women in his bed simply to forget her. Ten years spent dreaming of holding her close, only to awaken and find his arms empty.

The dreams had been woven from opaque memories he’d fought to keep alive. And now Sam stood on the steps in the flesh. He could taste her scent on his tongue, hear the increased pounding of her heart, see her expression alight with hopeful anticipation. She was real.

He forgot about the Skins crowding the bar.

He forgot he was meeting her on the pretext of a blind date.

He forgot everything, except the ancient Lupine call to mate and claim.

The slow heat building inside him became a consuming need, a snarl, then a possessive frenzy triggering the instinct to rush up the stairs, tear off her clothing, toss her down on all fours and cover her. Mine.

Deep inside, the man wrestled for control of the wolf. With every ounce of considerable strength, he roped his beast and held it at bay. Thoughts of Sam naked and soft beneath him burned through his brain. Darius gripped the table’s edge.

Something cracked beneath his hands.

He looked down.

The marble table had a wide fissure running through it. Oops.

Covering the line with his linen napkin, Darius drew in a deep breath. He adjusted his tie and tried to look like any other normal, eager man hopeful for a first date. Maybe a glass of wine leading to animated talk and then a good dinner, and if he were lucky, a tumble between the sheets.

Not what his wolf snarled to do. Forget the wine, the food, the formalities. Get the female naked, and pleasure her so completely that her brain cells scrambled, then do it again and again until she clung to him, begging, screaming his name, sealing the bond of flesh between them. Keep her trapped in his bed for three days until she lay exhausted, her belly filled with his young.

Oh yeah, yeah, his wolf panted, nodding eagerly. Let’s do it.

“Down boy,” he murmured. “Easy. Let’s do dinner first.”



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17 thoughts on “Anniversary Spotlight & Contest: Bonnie Vanak

  1. Rebecca S says:

    The publisher really doesn’t matter to me! A good book cover tends to require the money a publishing house can put into it – but that will only entice me to pick up a book in the store to read the back cover. Online, I’m more likely to spend $2.99 to try out an independent author than the same or more on a new-to-me-but-non-independent author. Ms. Vanak, your job with the international charity sounds amazing!

  2. Kristy Petree says:

    It really makes no difference to me, to tell the truth. I don’t distinguish between indie-, self-, and traditionally-published authors and books. I just like good books. I have several favorite authors and I couldn’t even tell you how they are published (probably a mix). Thanks!

  3. erinf1 says:

    it’s pretty much a a toss up right now… for my kindle, I’d have to say that about 1/3-1/2 of all the books I buy are self pub but a lot of my fav authors are still traditionally published. I go more for story and established authors than publishing style.

  4. Honestly, it really depends on the book itself. If the Harlequin title looks boring but the self-published title looks professional and intriguing, I’d go for the self-published one. Vice versa. The published/self-published status usually does not matter much to me, although nowadays EVERYONE finds an excuse to self-publish even when they are not ready, which results in a poorly edited, highly lacking “novel.” I am very weary of this when it comes to self-published books, but I am not one of those readers who will refuse it solely because it isn’t signed with a big-house publisher.

  5. Johnnie-Marie says:

    i like spending money on self published authors it shows my support to them and the indie inc.

  6. Stephanie F. says:

    I spend my money on both. I have a lot of traditionally published authors that I love and always buy but I also have several self published authors who are on my auto buy. As long as it is a great story with good editing I will but either way.

  7. Irma Jurejevčič says:

    I would spend it on both. I do love traditionaly published authors more, but I find self published authors interesting too. If I really had to choose, than I’d go with traditionaly.

  8. Irene Jackson says:

    I buy both , depends on the book if it looks interesting. I won’t go back to the same author again though if the self pub is so badly edited it spoils the story.

  9. Normally it wouldn’t matter as long as teh story catch my interest but in reality i buy more ( if not only) but published by a professional simple because those i can find in my country, self published authors are not often sold in shop and for those who can’t buy on internet it’s harder

  10. Nadene Reynolds says:

    It does not matter to me. If the quality of the story is good, then I will be reading it.

  11. Janie McGaugh says:

    If it’s an author I know, I’d definitely go for the self-published book. Otherwise, it would just depend on which one it looks like I’ll like best.

  12. Bonnie Hilligoss says:

    If I like the storyline, it doesn’t matter. A well known published book seems to have less editing errors, while self-pubs tend to need another run through.

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