Review: The Outlaw Stakes His Claim by Jenika Snow

The Outlaw Stakes His Claim by Jenika Snow
Series: The Grizzly MC (# 5)
Release Date: May 22, 2014
Publisher: Evernight Publisher
Pages: 102
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Hope Richards has always kept to herself, and as a teenager suffered from an eating disorder. She no longer starves herself, but she still struggles with self-image issues. Now in her twenties, she’s ready to start her life. But during her first night in Steel Corner, violence erupts all around her, and one very intense bear shifting MC member protects her.

Dallas lost his son and ex-wife in a car accident months ago. He allows his anger to build inside of him until it consumes every inch of his soul. But then Hope comes into his life and she is the first real thing he has wanted in a long time. She eases him and his bear, but they can’t move forward until their pasts are put behind them, and sometimes that is easier said than done.


Review:  The Outlaw Stakes His Claim is the fifth book in The Grizzly MC series by Jenika Snow. This book is part of a series but it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone novel. I love reading Ms. Snow’s book and have not found one that I don’t like.

Hope Richards has made it through school and has managed to get a job in her chosen field. This has caused her to move to a new town to start her life. On her first night, she meets a man who should scare her, but only seems to fascinate her. Hope has self-image issues but it seems to come toward the end of the story like that author put it in as more of an afterthought.

Dallas is a member of The Grizzly motorcycle club. He lost his wife and son in a car accident and is having a hard time moving forward. When he meets Hope, he is attracted to her in a way he does not expect and fights with himself on pursuing her.

The sex scenes between Dallas and Hope are scorching. The chemistry between Hope and Dallas is intense. They make a great pair if they can move past the stereotyping they both do to each other.

While I enjoyed this book a lot, I wished this book was a bit longer and more detailed. This book seems to gloss over some details (like Dallas’s fighting). The main characters and the secondary characters are appealing and very lifelike. Overall, this was a good book. I have read several book in this series and each book is better than the last.


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