Review: Father of the Bride? by Brenda Gayle

Father of the Bride? by Brenda Gayle
Series:  Dearly Beloved (# 1)
Release Date:  January 23, 2013
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Pages: 67
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



For the mother of the groom, a destination wedding at a Caribbean resort should be a joyful occasion, but Penny Malloy doubts her heart will survive the weekend. Her ex-husband is the stepfather of the bride. As soon as she sees David Parker again, she realizes she loves him as much as she ever did.

What started as a fairy tale romance–when twelve-year-old David kissed Penny on the playground–has turned into a demented soap opera: a son who doesn’t know his father’s identity, and divorced parents pretending to be strangers. 

But it’s another kiss that reminds them of all they had…and the promise of what could be. Can David and Penny face the past together and declare their feelings? Or are they twenty-four years too late?


Review:  Father of the Bride is a sweet book, making me enjoy the movies with the same name with Steve Martin. Since I really loved the stories of a parent dealing with changes of their child getting married, I was surprised to see how it was more of a story of Penny and David than Penny and Adam. I also found I didn’t get a chance to get to know Chloe, but I knew I could use my imagination!

Father of the Bride starts out when Penny finds out her son is marrying a woman who is the step daughter of her ex- husband and then she starts to worry of her son finding out. I got all fidgety when I was wondering if that knowledge would wreak the relationships of all parties, but throughout the story you can see how much Penny loves her son and her resistance to the history. Adam’s reaction was a sweet surprised, and I enjoyed this fast, sweet of a reunited lover’s story.

This short story had me wish Brenda could have increased the story so Penny and David could have more tension, but the story still worked as a novella. This story is great for a quick, easy read on the beach in the shade.


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