Review: A Vow To Keep by Lana Williams

A Vow To Keep by Lana Williams
Series:  The Vengeance Trilogy (# 1)
Release Date:  July 27, 2012
Publisher:  self published
Pages:  343
Source: book provided by the author for review



Medieval Romance – England 1245. Sir Royce de Bremont has spent his entire life plotting revenge against his traitorous uncle. Kidnapping the man’s bride-to-be brings Royce one step closer to fulfilling his vow of vengeance.

Lady Alyna of Montvue has no desire to marry nor to become a pawn in a game of vengeance. Her only wish is to find a safe place to raise the orphan gifted with second sight she vowed to protect.

The beautiful lady and her precocious son make Royce long for a family of his own, yet until he reclaims his birthright, he has little to offer them. Alyna soon realizes this bold knight has captured her heart but fears she’s merely part of his plan for revenge. As passions rise, Royce must choose vengeance or love.


Review:   A lot of historical romances I’ve read start off slow, introducing you to characters and set the scene.  A Vow To Keep starts off with a bang, which I loved!

Lady Alyna has been asked to raise an orphan who has been gifted with second sight.  She takes on the task with gusto, hoping to provide a home and family for the little boy who is now motherless.  When it has been revealed that Lady Alyna is to marry a man she despises and her son is not welcome, she takes her fate into her own hands and plans to run away to her grandfather’s house with the hope that he can protect her.  Luckily for her, Royce, a knight in her grandfather’s employ, has been tasked with kidnapping Alyna and rushing her to a far away castle.  On the way, Royce and Alyna fall in love and like most romances, they fight their feelings for most of the rest of the story.

Royce is an interesting character.  I just wish that Lana Williams had done something a bit more surprising with him.  Royce is set on revenge against his Uncle, who took his inheritance away.  Alyna is a way to do just that as she was supposed to marry him.  Of course, Royce falls in love and well, it all become a bit predicable.

This story really started out great and even with it’s predicable storyline, I still felt that it ended well.  Lana Williams is a great writer and I really fell for her characters.