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Toni4printversionToday we finish our focus on contemporary romance with a visit from Toni Blake.  Please help us welcome this bestselling author to Romancing the Book!

Toni Blake is the USA Today bestselling author of over twenty novels published in numerous languages. Her heartfelt and sensual stories are known for taking readers on an emotional journey.

A RITA®-nominated author, Toni is the recipient of numerous awards for her books, including the National Readers Choice Award and the Booksellers Best Award. Her work has also appeared in Cosmo.

Toni’s most recent and hugely popular Destiny series takes place in a small Ohio town where coming home means finding your true heart and maybe even your true love.

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Toni has always used music to set the tone of her books. Enjoy this playlist of songs featured in ALL I WANT IS YOU.



Sometimes you have to create your own destiny …

Christy Knight grew up in Destiny, Ohio, but lately she feels that her future lies elsewhere. Her parents are gone and the beautiful jewelry she creates doesn’t pay the bills. Maybe it’s time for Christy to grow up and find a guy who’s smart, sexy, and solvent. Her rugged handyman neighbor fits the first two categories, but he’s all wrong for her. If only he didn’t have such captivating blue eyes.

Wary of trusting others, Jack DuVall hasn’t been entirely honest with Christy. He’s not really a handyman. He’s not really broke. And sharing the long drive to visit her beloved grandpa isn’t just about gallantry—he finds gorgeous, feisty Christy completely irresistible.

When secrets are exposed, Jack and Christy struggle to find their way back to one another, but the quirky seaside town of Coral Cove could prove the perfect place to find a red-hot destiny of their own.



It was less than half an hour before Jared was scheduled to arrive.  And lord, what if he was five or ten minutes early?  The truth was, she didn’t even really like the idea of Jared seeing where she lived, but he’d insisted on picking her up – so she simply couldn’t have him showing up to find her locked out of her own house, looking bedraggled from a rough day at work and clearly having no control over her life.  On top of everything else, she’d worn her new shoes home and her toes were already pinched in agony.

She needed a plan.  She needed to think outside the box.  She couldn’t blow this opportunity.  Because sure, maybe he would understand – but he might also get a bad impression of her, and she simply couldn’t let that happen.  Too much was riding on this.

I have to get in this house.  I have to.  In fact, I’m going to.  No matter what it takes.

Beginning to look around for ideas, she spotted the house directly across the street, two doors up from the Harringtons.  She’d never talked to the guy who’d moved in just a few months ago, but she’d seen him plenty of times in passing, and he’d looked kind of rugged, at least from a distance, which probably also meant he was strong.  She’d seen him carrying around toolboxes and two-by-fours, too.  And maybe the idea that had just popped into her head would sound crazy, but she just didn’t have time to worry about that right now.  Precious seconds were ticking away.

Without giving it another thought, she marched across the street on her aching feet, climbed the few steps to his wide, awning-covered front porch, and rang the bell.  Please be home, please be home.

A few seconds later, the door opened – and a surprisingly handsome guy stood on the other side.  Having never seen him close up, the sight of him actually stole her breath.  He looked a little scruffy in a zip up hoodie over a t-shirt and slightly paint-spattered jeans, but his thick, dark hair and piercing blue eyes made up for it.

“Hi,” he said uncertainly when she managed to say nothing at all.

“I’m your neighbor,” she blurted awkwardly then, pointing across the street.

“Oh.  Yeah.  Think I’ve seen you before.”

She nodded.  Still struggled to breathe.  And wished he weren’t so good-looking.  It was a very inconvenient distraction.  “I need a favor,” she said, still not quite able to speak in any clear way.

“Um, okay,” he replied.  But he still sounded a little wary – understandably.

“I’m locked out of my house,” she explained, “and I need you to kick down the door.”

He just looked at her like he couldn’t have possibly heard her correctly – which was, again, perfectly understandable.  But it still made her feel a little crazy.  Or like she appeared to be crazy anyway.  Maybe both.  Finally he said, “You want me to kick down your door?  Is that what you said?”

She pursed her lips, sighed.  She had so little time.  And he was almost unbearably attractive in his unshaven, needs-a-haircut way.  “I realize that probably sounds nutty,” she offered.

“Yeah, it kinda does,” he replied.

Crap.  She tried again.  “And I wish I had time to explain – but I don’t.  Will you do it?”

He lowered his chin, hesitating.  “Sorry, but you’re gonna have to give me a little more to go on.  Some kind of reason.  I can’t just go kicking down a door without one.”

Okay, she supposed she could get that.  But she didn’t have time to mince words.  “I’m late.  And I have a date, a very important date.”

“So I’ve got Alice in Wonderland at my door,” he muttered beneath his breath.
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  1. JoAnne_W says:

    Favorite place to read a book would be my four season room off our kitchen.

    I also love to read at the beach or at a pool especially when vacationing.
    I love to read on planes, in the car if I’m not driving or in my comfy chair in our family room.

    Loved the excerpt.

  2. Damaris says:

    In my bed. It’s my zen spot in the whole house. The colors are muted, yet romantic. I also have a chase lounge in there in case I want to curl up.

  3. julie whiteley says:

    I love reading in my bedroom. Why? I have this wonderful lighting that makes me feel relaxed and I can unwind and escape into another world with my sweet kitties to cuddle up with.

  4. Brenda Rumsey says:

    Outside, sitting under a shade tree while my grandsons are playing…..or inside, curled up on a comfy sofa after the boys have all gone to bed. Why? I just enjoy being outside when possible and this way I’m also available if the boys need me or to take a break and interact with them. Inside, after a tiring, noisy day, it’s just nice to sit and get lost in a good book.

    This sounds like a great book that I would love to read.

    • Alisa says:

      Hi Brenda,

      You are the winner of a digital copy of Toni Blake’s novel Half Moon Hill! Please drop me an email with your mailing address at and I’ll get that in the mail to you asap! Thanks for playing!

      • Brenda Rumsey says:

        Thank you so much! I look forward to reading the book. Sending you an email right now. Thanks again.

  5. sonia forbus says:

    like reading on the front porch when the weather is nice. Or reading on the sofa,reading always relaxes me .

  6. Cindy says:

    Since reading is an adventure for the mind: On an airplane, because I’m either headed to a new adventure or returning from one, and not just in my mind!

  7. girlfromwva says:

    I love to read in my chair and a half. It is comfy, big and the boys know when I am reading there, to not bother me unless it is an emergency.

  8. martha lawson says:

    In my recliner in the living room, after the news goes off! That’s my winding down time.

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