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ALEXX 3It’s day two of menage week and we’re excited to have Alexx Andria as our guest.  Our review Amy requested the opportunity to interview Alexx, so ladies the blog is all yours.

Amy:  Alexx, thank you so much for guesting with us.  Will you share a short bio with our readers?
Alexx:  Bestselling erotica author Andria is the pseudonym for RITA-nominated contemporary romance author, Kimberly Van Meter. Born in a small town with a flair for the dramatic, Alexx Andria has a delightfully perverted nature that she hides behind a mischievous smile. An unabashed extrovert, Alexx loves being the life of the party and doesn’t mind one bit being the center of attention.

She loves to write about Alpha men who are wonderfully flawed and just a little dangerous and heroines who are smart and sassy, but just a little vulnerable, too.

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Amy: If you could pick your favorite male character from your booklist, who would it be and why?
Alexx: Awww, that’s like asking a mama to choose among her children which is the best! I love them all for various reasons. But I think my favorite male character has to be the one I’m working on now…so delicious!

Amy: Now that Miles Lassiter has received his HEA in Falling from Grace, what is next on your plate?
Alexx: Currently, I’m working on two different projects: a motorcycle menage between two brothers and their quirky, plus-sized lady (very HOT!) and a dark shifter story about two brothers, one is a SWAT team member and the other is a really bad guy. Two very different stories but each with my signature voice and style. I think my readers will really enjoy them both. The motorcycle menage is titled KINGS OF ASPHALT. The other isn’t titled just yet but I will post an excerpt on my Facebook pretty soon so if you haven’t friended me yet, please do! 🙂

Amy: What are your top five books, excluding your own?
Alexx: Hmmm…books are like Lays potato chips…you can never have just one. I am drowning in books and it’s a glorious thing! But if you’re asking me to nail down specifics, here goes:
1. Gone With The Wind
2. The Windflower by Sharon and Tom Curtis
3. The Immortal Highlander by Karen Marie Moning
4. Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult
5. Season of the Sun by Catherine Coulter

You might notice I read outside of my own genre. There are so many great writers in my genre but I tend to stay away from my own genre when I read for pleasure because I don’t want to inadvertently influence my subconscious with someone else’s work. But boy, there are some talented writers in our hot genre! Good stuff. Honestly, it’s such an exciting time to be a reader, so many excellent choices to feed the brain.

Amy: What story line would you never be caught writing?
Alexx: Hmm…I never say never because I like to think I can be versatile but I probably wouldn’t enjoy writing Sci-Fi, mostly because my voice doesn’t particularly fit that genre, although I’ve read a few amazing sci-fi books in my time and writers in this genre have my utmost respect.

Amy: What role does reader feedback play in your writing process?
Alexx: Reader feedback is HUGE. In fact, just the other day I was uncertain about the motorcycle menage story and so I sent it out to a few of my trusted readers and they came back, not only with excellent suggestions but crazy, wild praise which helped smother the insecurity I was suffering. In fact, it was due to their suggestions that I managed to pluck the TRUE story from the pages and go forward, making it ten times BETTER than it was starting out. My readers are such a gift. I can say this without an ounce of artifice, my readers are my world and their opinion matters. I want them to LOVE what I write. Logically, I know not every story is going to hit the mark but I try really hard to meet or exceed my reader expectations because without them, I am nothing but a woman who writes all day for fun.

Amy: How do you decide what books you will write and which ones will be credited to your alter ego, Kimberly Van Meter?
Alexx: Well, historically, Kimberly has been contracted with Harlequin Superromance and Harlequin Romantic Suspense, so I know going in when I pitch a story, what kind of parameters it needs to fit within. Superromance is more of a “big book” so that means a more complicated story and much longer (80,000 words) and Romantic Suspense is filled with intrigue and lots of action (65,000 words). The heat level is also more subdued (although I am guilty of pushing the boundaries!). Alexx is free to write whatever catches her fancy. For example, my motorcycle menage is HOT, HOT, HOT right out of the gate and there’s no way I’d be able to offer that under my Kimberly pseudonym because my Kimberly readers wouldn’t really appreciate that type of story and I’m totally okay with that! I love having that versatility and the availability to switch as the muse dictates. I have cross-promoted some of my Romantic Suspense to my Alexx readers when I’ve felt the gap wasn’t too wide between reader preference but my Super readers are more geared toward meaty reads more inline with actual life. I prefer gritty realism in my Supers as Kimberly, whereas I like to play around with EVERYTHING asAlexx.

Thank you for this opportunity to gab! It’s been an honor and a pleasure to share with you a little bit about my writing. If you haven’t friended me on Facebook, please do! I’m very active on both accounts, (Kimberly Van Meter and Alexx Andria) and I love making new friends.

And enjoy this excerpt from Falling From Grace:

“Miles?” she could barely manage the name but her heart leapt at seeing him again when she’d thought for sure she never would. “Is that you?”

“Yes, it’s me, lucky for you, your front door was unlocked.” He paused a minute then said, “You have shitty taste in friends.”

“He wasn’t my friend,” she muttered, heat crawling into her cheeks. “I think he gave me a ride home but then thought he’d take payment by raping me.”

Miles grunted as if her answer meant nothing to him and she winced, hating that he was seeing her like this. She might not remember the details of last night but she recalled with crystal clarity the last time she’d seen Miles Lassiter and not a day went by that she didn’t regret turning him loose the way she did. She tried to stand and wobbled, her knees going out. Miles caught her in his arms and she tried not to sink into his touch. This felt like home. Tears burned her eyes and she had to sniff them back before she further embarrassed herself. “I’m sorry…I think that asshole drugged me,” she admitted, her mouth tasting like she’d licked mud and followed it with a gasoline chaser. “My eyesight is wonky and I’m so weak.”

She supposed it was good luck that Miles was a doctor, but she’d hoped that if their paths crossed again, it wouldn’t be like this. Miles hoisted her into his arms and carried her to the living room where he deposited her on the soft chair by the fireplace with surprisingly gentle touch. “Stay right here,” he ordered before disappearing out the front door, only to reappear a short moment later carrying a black satchel.

A silly grin found her lips, not because the situation was appropriate but because a part of her was so grateful he’d walked through her door to save her and she was too disoriented to smother her honest reaction. “You do house calls? Is that a doctor bag, like in the old movies?”

He scowled, not finding the situation humorous at all. “Be thankful I brought my it, it’s saving you an embarrassing trip to the hospital,” he said, causing her smile to fade. He wasted little time in checking her blood pressure, and then her pupil dilation. When he pulled away, there was a grim expression souring his handsome face. “Without a blood test it’s impossible to know with 100 percent certainty that you weren’t drugged but your pupils aren’t dilated and you’re not vomiting so I’m willing to guess you’re suffering from a terrible hangover. What were you drinking last night?”

“A little of this, a little of that,” she answered mulishly when it was clear how little respect he had for her. Could she blame him? In another life she wouldn’t have respected someone like her either. An internal groan born of misery and regret threatened to bubble from her mouth but she held it back only because she couldn’t stand sinking another notch in Miles eyes. Realizing he was still waiting for a more definitive answer, she admitted with a small shrug. “I don’t know I wasn’t really paying attention.”

“You weren’t paying attention? A little reckless don’t you think?”

“Given the fact that I was assaulted, I guess I don’t have much room to disagree, now do I?” She cast him a short look before glancing away. Was he really going to rub her nose in it like a bad puppy who’d piddled on the carpet? “Does it matter? I got drunk. End of story.”

“It would help if I knew what I was dealing with. Can you be a little more specific?”

She made an exasperated noise. “No…one drink was purple, another pink. Does that help?”

“No, it doesn’t.” He tucked his pen light back into his bag and took out his stethoscope. Without trying to warm up his instrument, he placed it on her bare skin, causing her to yelp at the cold metal. He continued without mercy. “You could’ve gotten a touch of alcohol poisoning. You’re lucky you woke up at all.”

“Is that Dr. Lassiter’s medical opinion or judgment from Miles?” she asked.

“How about a little of both?” he countered flatly. “Now be quiet,” he instructed as he focused on her heartbeat. Satisfied, he removed the scope and put it away, too. “Heartbeat sounds good.” She braced herself for some catty comment about her heart — as in, she didn’t have one — but he remained professional, if not a bit taciturn. “Well, if you can’t provide me with more details of your night, I’ll just have to go off what I see and to me, you seem terribly hung over and likely, dehydrated.”

Her previous elation at seeing Miles again had since died under the weight of the reality between them and she pulled herself into a defensive posture, affecting a bored expression. She wasn’t in the mood for whatever Miles thought he had the right to say to her just because he showed up at the right time. “So, not that I’m not grateful for the whole hero routine but what are you doing here? And how the hell did you know where I lived?” Miles rocked back on his heels with open distaste and she secretly mourned the loss of his love. There’d been a time when he’d looked at her with such adoration that she’d almost bought into the fantasy that true love existed. She rubbed absently at her chest as an errant pain zinged across her nerves. It wasn’t because she missed Miles and seeing him again was more hurtful than she’d imagined it would be, no, that wasn’t it. It was probably trapped gas, right? She met his deep blue gaze and asked quietly, “Miles, what are you doing here?”

He stood and his mouth compressed in a tight line as he answered with a resolute shake of his head as if he couldn’t believe what he was about to say, and said, “I’m here to help you clean up your act.”

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56 thoughts on “Anniversary Interview & Contest: Alexx Andria

  1. Amy W says:

    Fantastic responses. I look forward to seeing what Alexx has planned for future releases. I can always count on her for steamy storylines featuring smokin’ hot guys.

  2. Laney4 says:

    I’m still wondering what the purple drink was … and what the pink drink was, LOL!
    I’m still going to say it, though: nice excerpt! It did the trick in making me want to read more!

  3. erinf1 says:

    ooooh… this is the first I’ve come across this author and I’m hooked 🙂 Thanks for the fun post and that excerpt was awesome !!!

  4. Rita Wray says:

    I like your list of the top five books and yes you cannot ever have just one Lays potato chips. I enjoyed the excerpt, sounds like a fabulous read.

    • Wow! Thank you! I’m so happy to hear that. FALLING FROM GRACE is a sweet, yet really hot read and I’m tickled to find new readers to introduce my fabulous characters to. (Yes, I fall in love with them all!)

  5. Leanna says:

    I love these interviews it is a great way to meet new authors. Your upcoming motorcycle menage sounds brest.

    • Yes, Miles was such a sweetheart and honestly, I hadn’t planned to write his story but I had so many readers begging for Miles’ story that I just had to! He’s a really great guy and deserved a story of his own. So glad I listened to my fans!

  6. BookLady says:

    Falling From Grace sounds like a hot summer read. A good looking doctor who makes house calls is hard to find. Dani is so lucky!!!

  7. Marcy Shuler says:

    I’ve read and enjoyed your Kimberly Van Meter books, so now I get to read your hot “Alexx” books. LOL

    • Yep! My “Kimberly” work has less heat but more in-depth characters and plot, plus they’re much longer. My “Alexx” stuff is SUPER HOT and fun.

  8. Such a hot excerpt! I can’t wait to get my hands on the book 🙂 Thanks for the insightful interview—I look forward to reading both your and your alter ego’s stories!

  9. Mary Preston says:

    I totally agree about it being an exciting time to be a reader. I will never catch up & that’s kind of amazing right there.

    • I agree. So many wonderful choices out there for readers, which is why I’m always so thankful for my loyal fans. I know they have many options and it warms my heart when they pick me!

  10. Nadene Reynolds says:

    Love the interview. Thanks to RTB for this anniversary celebration as I have been introduced to new authors and now I have a new set books to sink my teeth into.

  11. Karen H says:

    You’re a new-to-me author and what better way to get acquainted with someone but to read a really informative interview. Loved your top five books since GWTW is my #1 all time favorite book & film. Speaking of films, this book sounds like it would make a great made-for-TV film. If that were to happen, who would you like to see play the main characters?

    • Oh man, that’s a tough one. I’m not sure. I don’t really have a preference off the top of my head. Someone else would probably need to weigh in because I have no idea. LOL


  12. OMG! I am so sorry I missed this FABULOUS thread! Major family goof-up and I double booked myself. ARGH! Usually, I’m pretty good about showing up at my OWN FREAKING PARTY. *facepalm*

    Anyway, thank you for your awesome responses! I will try to answer a few now!


  13. amy r says:

    I loved this interview, honest and informative. I’m a reader of Alexx books read a few of Kims books.Which books do you prefer writing? Is your real life as wild as your books? Loved Kings of Asphalt, as a short story but much better as a book!!!! (: Proud to be a member of Team Alexx!!!! Keep up the great work! !!!

  14. Mandy Miller says:

    Just wanted to say that I actually haven’t read any of your books, but I want to. I appreciate all of your posts in the Curvy Girls group. I hope I get to read your stories soon.

  15. Dianna says:

    I love reading your books. I also read the interview and really loved how informational it was and have enjoyed reading Karen Marie Moning books as well both of you are great writers keep up the great works of books you write I have quite the collection of both your books and a few others.

  16. Michele says:

    Thank you for a very enlightening interview. I loved getting to know you better. I can’t wait to read Falling From Grace and the series to follow. I’m anxious to find the time to read them amongst my 2600 other books on my Kindles. After reading that excerpt, they are high on my list of what to read next. It’s hard to know what to sink my teeth into next with all the great authors in your genre to read from. Thank you for being an awesome writer.

    • Thank you! I’m flattered to have risen to the top! I know there are so many wonderful choices out there for readers so that makes me so tickled whenever a reader chooses ME over the bounty they have available. 🙂 Happy reading!

  17. amy bowens says:

    Hi Alexx,
    I have read everything you’ve written and your latest Kings of Asphalt was amazing! What made you get into writing the MC books? Looking forward to reading what you come up with next. Happy writing!

    • Thank you, Amy! Well, to answer your question I’ve always gravitated toward bad boys in some form or another so it was either bad boy bikers or bad boy rockers and since I was more intrigued with the possibility of going down the not-so-moral path of a biker involved with things that just this side of shady. I guess I felt it gave me more freedom. The next one in the series will be even more shady with the hero, which will be a challenge because the heroine, Delainey, is a sweet, bubbly thing. 😀 Yeah, complete opposites (which, is of course, my favorite thing to write about.)
      Oh! In case, I haven’t mentioned it…BRONX is gonna be the hero. *mad cackle*

  18. Nikky says:

    I think i have always been attracted to alpha males. I like a man who takes control but is not arrogant, mean, or cocky but just naturally authoritative. Of course shifters are my absolute favorite reads! I think i would be a good mate for a werewolf…lol! But Alexx you are a very talented and entertaining writer. Your books always have a great storyline and keep my interest from beginning to end. And me being a curvy girl, i find it easy to imagine myself as some of the characters in the bbw stories. You are doing awesome, keep up the great work!

    • Oh, thank you very much! It means a lot to me to be given such high praise from readers. And yes, shifters are AWESOME! I have a new shifter story in the mix, featuring two brothers (one good, one bad) and it’s sooooo COOL! I have an excerpt posted on my website if you’re curious. 🙂 But for now, I’ve got to figure out Bronx’s story so….shifters will have to wait! *pout*

  19. trisha says:

    Loved the interview. Just finished reading Kings of Asphalt. OMG how I love MC books. Now you so have me hooked on wanting to read Falling from Grace. And of course I cant wait for the the next MC book. Happy writing! So I can do my happy reading 🙂

    • Teeehee! Yay! Another hooked reader! My plan for reader domination is working fabulously! 😉 On a more serious note, thank you and I’m so glad you enjoyed KINGS.

  20. Nadene Reynolds says:

    I have never read your work before, but after reading this post I will definitely add you to my must read list.

  21. Anita H. says:

    Hi Alexx, you’re a new-to-me author. I love that books are like Lays potato chips for you too! Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. Aly P says:

    Cool in interview and I agree about the Karen Marie Moning book, it’s one of my favourites as well. I’m curious: what do you like to write most?

    • What do I enjoy writing most? Well, whatever catches my fancy is what I’m enjoying at the moment. I write romantic suspense, contemporary romance, erotic romance, and now MC romance.

  23. Ada says:

    Thanks for the interview, Alexx. I totally love your top 5 books, especially Karen Mare Moning’s The Immortal Highlander since she’s one of my faves!

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