Review: The Vampire’s Special Lover by Charlie Richards

The Vampire’s Special Lover by Charlie Richards
Series: Wolves of Stone Ridge (# 16)
Release Date: February 15, 2013
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Pages: 114
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Out of the cage: A good relationship needs three things: respect, communication, and compromise…besides love, of course.

Vincent Dobs Marché thought he scented his beloved—his fated one-and-only—at a shifter enforcer challenge months ago. Since rogue shifters killed his mother, bonding with one is the last thing he wants to do. He runs from the knowledge, vowing to live his life alone. Fate has other plans. Slowly, blood from human donors becomes unpalatable to him, until it’s easier to go hungry than deal with the taste. When he hits the verge of collapse, his friends step in, forcing him to return to Stone Ridge and give the shifter a chance.

When Dobs meets his beloved, Franklin Drunger for the first time, the big, sexy, wolf shifter’s blood calls to him. Frankie seems just fine with the idea of Dobs drinking from him, so he gives in to his desire and bites the man. Reb, Frankie’s protective older brother, isn’t nearly as open-minded and attacks Dobs. Acting on instinct, Frankie defends his mate, shifting to wolf form. Dobs panics at the sight of the wolf and insults his beloved. Angry and hurt, Frankie flees.

Can Dobs learn to accept the gift Fate has given him and convince Frankie to give him another chance? Or is it too late for him to earn the love of the special shifter he’s been given?


Review: I loved this book. It was romantic, it was exciting, it was full of drama. It had it all. I just needed to gush a little. It takes a lot to really move me emotionally and I felt that this book did that for me.

I loved that the vampires in this series of books call their mate beloved. I just think that is so romantic. Dobs went right up to Frankie and said “hello beloved”, my heart just melted right there. I want my own vampire now.

I loved the primary characters Dobs and Frankie and I loved Dob’s friends as well as Frankie’s brother.

Dob is a very complex character. We never really see all that there is to him, and that to me makes him even more appealing. This man is caring, sensitive, sexual, sexy, sensual. He is also dangerous, lethal, and lest we forget a vampire. He’s all of this and so much more. He changes in so many good ways throughout this book. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a character change so much throughout a book before. It was believable, and I think that Dobs became a better man for it.

Frankie is another complex character who also changed for the better throughout this book. Frankie is loyal, caring, sensitive, sexual. He was an emotionally vulnerable man that needed someone to see him as more then childlike and he got that from Dobs.

Dob’s closest friends help him to meet his beloved and are supportive of him throughout this whole book. His friends are likable and while they have minor roles throughout this book, they are still important and have a strong impact on the primary characters.

Frankie’s brother Reb is also another minor character in this book, but he helps Frankie work things out in his head about important decisions that Frankie needs to make. He has been Frankie’s rock for most of his life and has taken care of him for a long time. The relationship that they have is important and special just like Dob’s friendship with his friends. It’s nice to see a glimpse into each of their private lives and how this will play out in their new life together.