Review: The Savage Release by Destiny Blaine

The Savage Release by Destiny Blaine
Series: Trilogy of a Wolf’s Endowment (# 3)
Release Date: December 15, 2012
Publisher: eXtasy books
Pages: 75
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



One beast may die, but another one will rise. And his savage ways will live on forever.

Two members of the Moonlight Clan Council are abducted. After they’re pulled away from their East Tennessee pack and shipped to Canada, they awaken only to find themselves surrounded by the snow-covered peaks of the Northern Rocky Mountains. To make matters worse, a formidable enemy stands before them and challenges them in a battle for their lives.

Fighting their way to freedom, Len and Ray come face to face with Sable, another wolf-shifter defending their pack’s enemy, Corey Marshall. Once Sable learns she supported the wrong wolf, she realizes how much she stands to lose.

Drawn to their attacker in a way that doesn’t make sense, Len and Ray see vivid images as the trilogy of endowment unfolds before them. They embrace their mating call, but the young woman is quite a handful. And Sable isn’t prepared for Len’s idea of a first mating. After Len and Ray unleash their building passion, Sable is left with only one choice—complete surrender.


Review: I love shifter books, I love how the character is so in tune with his wolf, I love how they know when they’ve scented their mate. I love that they have a mate that they wait for, until the time is right. I think it’s just so romantic. I know I’m a sap. This is not new news.

This book has elements with M/M romance themes. I wanted to get that out there just in case M/M romance is not your thing. This is the third book in a trilogy of books about a group of shifters. I didn’t read the whole trilogy and I was able to follow the story quite well. The author mentions characters that were part of the other books, but it wasn’t essential to the plot of this book. No worries if you happen to have not read the other books, you’ll be able to understand this book. I think that reading all three books might make for better reading enjoyment. The reader will have a better understanding of the story and all of the sub plots.

I really liked the whole alpha male vibe in this book. There were two men involved, but only one was the alpha and he made all the decisions and the other man and the woman had to cede to his decisions. The man who was not the alpha was ok with this, but not the woman. She was quite the handful.

First we have Len, who is the alpha of the group. He is the decision maker even before things get sexified between these crazy kids. He likes being the one in charge and he knows who and what he wants and he makes no apologies about it.

Then we have Ray, a very sweet man that has no clue how much his life is going to change. Ray has no clue he likes guys and has no desire to like guys, so, yeah, he’s in for some surprises.

Lastly, we have Sable, who has a mind of her own and wants to be in charge of what is going to happen in her life. I like that quality about her. She isn’t afraid to say what she thinks and challenges Len and his authority. Which I think he needs, he can be a bit bossy.

I don’t know if because I didn’t read the whole series I lacked understanding, but I don’t have any idea why Sable defended Corey ( the guy that kidnapped Ray and Len. I don’t understand his hatred toward them. Other then that, this was an entertaining read and was easy to follow.