Review: Silent Surrender by Abigail Barnette

Silent Surrender by Abigail Barnette
Release Date: January 4, 2013
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.
Pages: 119
Source: Book provided by the publisher for review



Plymouth, England, 1841

Five days and nights of wicked pleasures and fulfilled fantasies, almost within Honoria’s grasp. All she needs now is the man she has chosen.

Deaf from an illness in her infancy, Honoria knows that her life as a dormitory minder in a deaf school will be dull and lacking the opportunity to experience the kind of passion she has read about. With five days left until her ship sails from Plymouth to Calais, she has selected Esau Coal, a common dock worker, to be the man to introduce her to all the sensual delights she fears she’ll never have another chance to know. With the help of her tutor Jude, the man who has been her teacher, translator, friend and link to the hearing world, she arranges for Esau to spend five days and nights with her.

But five nights will not be enough—and neither will Esau, when Jude is also there to tempt her.


Review:  Abigail Barnette blazes new ground within the erotica genre with Silent Surrender. In this sizzling yet endearing Regency read, Honoria Wallis wants to experience passion before being sent to France. The only catch is that she is very much a lady. To complicate matters, she is also deaf, which means she has to rely on her tutor, Jude, to make the arrangements. She hires Esau Coal, a rough commoner, to fulfill her needs. Yet after experiencing passion, will Honoria be able to let Esau walk away? What will happen when Jude sees the woman he loves being satisfied by another man?

From the first two paragraphs of this story, it is apparent that the story line is quite unique. The characters are caught up in a chain of events that promises misery for all if not properly resolved. As a reader, I could easily picture an angry Honoria, signing furiously to Jude as she expressed her frustration.

The contrast between Jude and Esau is especially well defined. One is cultured and steady while the other is rough and unpredictable. The combination makes for an interesting love triangle, even though such a thing could have Honoria ostracized from society.

I found this story to be full of surprises. For one thing, the author was able to successfully integrate erotica into a Regency story. Secondly, the fresh story line moved at a steady pace throughout the book, with plenty of twists and turns. Finally, there was plenty of between-the-sheets action. Note that there is some ménage action in the story, but it is m/f/m with no interaction between the males.

From beginning to end and all parts in between, Silent Surrender gets high marks.